Get the best AWS services for your organization while optimizing your subscription fees.

AWS offers some of the best enterprise cloud services available in the industry. With so many options for services and technologies, it can be confusing to determine what you really need to get started, or even how best to expand the footprint you already have in the AWS Cloud. Many organizations end up overpaying for unnecessary services during their initial move to the cloud, or many more companies continue to pay for services they really don’t need once they are established in the cloud. Either mistake can dramatically reduce the ROI of these valuable offerings. TekStream’s AWS licensing consultants can help you get the subscriptions you need, while minimizing your costs.

About TekStream’s AWS Licensing Services

TekStream helps customers license the AWS Cloud for their unique business needs
and resource requirements. TekStream can make the AWS service subscription
process for new services easy. Our team has years of AWS experience, so we can
clearly lay out all your options. We help you choose the AWS subscriptions that work
best for your organization and ensure you get the best price. We work with you to
understand your business needs and, system and resource requirements, and we help
you devise a subscription strategy that helps you minimize your cloud spend.
Our deep understanding of how reserved instances work, how to build a strategy
around auto-scaling and instant on services, and how automation
services can help monitor your utilization becomes the foundation of a money-saving
plan that will allow you to take full advantage of the AWS Cloud while
avoiding overspending.