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Managed AWS Services

Let TekStream Manage Your AWS Deployments and Services So You Can Manage Your Business

Migrating to AWS gives your company a low-cost, scalable, powerful, and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud. You can scale resources up or down depending on your needs, and you pay only for what you use. With the equivalent of thousands of servers at your disposal, you can set up and deploy new projects immediately; whether you want to host a production solution or prototype an app, AWS makes it easy to innovate and rapidly respond to new opportunities. However, managing an AWS deployment is complex and time-intensive. Standard infrastructure maintenance tasks, including monitoring, patching, and upgrades, are necessary. Outsourcing the management and support of your AWS deployment simplifies operations, increases your ROI, and frees up your internal staff to focus on improving your website or apps instead of managing your cloud infrastructure.

About TekStream’s AWS Managed Services

TekStream’s team of AWS Consultants are all certified by AWS and hail from diverse backgrounds, including operations, security, development, and consulting. Regardless of your specific needs, we have the right mix of experience to meet them, from migration to cost optimization to technical support and monitoring. All of TekStream’s managed services packages are customized and can include such services as:

  • 24/7 monitoring of your AWS infrastructure, including CPU, memory, disk utilization and performance, and network connectivity and performance
  • Architecting, implementing, and managing backup solutions
  • AWS migration & strategy
  • Coordination with AWS for all underlying infrastructure support
  • Cost optimization
  • Disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Expert setup of infrastructure and networks
  • Licensing

Benefits of AWS Managed Services

Choosing TekStream’s AWS Managed Services brings numerous advantages, each designed to enhance operational efficiency and support strategic business growth. Here are the key benefits:

Maximized Efficiency

AWS Cloud Managed Services optimize resource utilization and streamline workflows, enabling enterprises to focus on core business objectives without the burden of infrastructure management. With automated provisioning, monitoring, and maintenance, organizations can meet evolving customer demands and achieve peak operational excellence. 

Cost Control

By leveraging an AWS Managed Service, enterprises benefit from predictable and optimized costs, eliminating the need for upfront investments in infrastructure and ongoing maintenance expenses. With pay-as-you-go pricing models and cost optimization strategies, organizations can manage expenses and other essential business operations efficiently to multiply ROI.

Enhanced Security

AWS fully managed services prioritize security at every level, implementing robust measures to protect data, applications, and infrastructure from evolving cyber threats and other risks. With continuous monitoring, threat detection, and compliance management, enterprises can maintain the highest standards of security and compliance.

Rapid Deployment

Another advantage of Amazon Managed Services is the rapid deployment of applications and services, accelerating time-to-market and enhancing agility. With automated provisioning and configuration management, organizations can quickly spin up resources, deploy applications, and scale infrastructure to meet changing business demands with ease.

Scalable Solutions

With a dependable AWS Managed Services Provider, enterprises also gain access to scalable solutions that can grow with their business needs. By leveraging elastic computing, storage, and networking resources, client organizations can seamlessly scale infrastructure up or down to accommodate fluctuations in demand, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency.

Expert Guidance

AWS Managed Cloud Services provide enterprises with access to a team of certified AWS experts who offer guidance, support, and best practices for leveraging AWS solutions effectively. With proactive monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimization, organizations can benefit from expert insights and recommendations to maximize the value of their AWS investments and drive business success.

Global Reach

AWS AMS offers a large pool of support services and access to a team of AWS experts who can help organizations design, deploy, and optimize their cloud environments to meet their customers’ requirements. These managed AWS services ensure organizations have the necessary guidance and support to make the most of their AWS investments and achieve their business goals. To find their best options, they can explore the list of AWS Managed Services available in their region.

Expertise as a Service — Beyond Managed Services

Need expert support beyond the initial project implementation? Have a backlog of tickets but don’t have enough folks to get to them all? Don’t get stuck on day two after project implementation is complete. Enjoy peace of mind and knowledgeable support on call from the same specialists who installed the project to begin with.

TekStream Expertise as a Service (EaaS) provides reliable access to a team of AWS experts you can call upon to manage projects beyond the implementation phase. You can also whittle down important AWS project requests when the demand exceeds your internal resources without hiring or managing extra staff. 

Why hire a full-time team when you can access top-tier AWS expertise on demand? With TekStream EaaS, you gain:

  • Strategic AWS Guidance: Confidently navigate the AWS landscape by leveraging our deep knowledge and insights.
  • On-Demand Expert Access: Engage with AWS Architects, DevOps and Security Specialists whenever you face challenges.
  • Solution-Driven Approach: From custom cloud-native development to disaster recovery strategies, we ensure your AWS journey is optimized.
  • Business Transformation: Accelerate your objectives and drive innovation with the expertise of TekStream’s elite engineers and architects.

Ready to redefine your AWS strategy? Learn more about TekStream EaaS.

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