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By trade we're a tech company - but if you ask any of us,
we'll tell you we're a "people company".

Yetunde Awojoodu

Splunk Consultant

Greg Stengel

Splunk Consultant

Katie Bosek

Senior Recruiter

Forrest Lybarger

Splunk Consultant

The relaxed family culture that allows employees to interact freely with co-workers and management. Everyone I have met, regardless of their position, appear approachable and non-judgmental.
A Segway tour around some historical parts of Atlanta. It was an awesome experience. I was one of those who had never ridden a Segway and I got the opportunity to learn without feeling silly because my colleagues were so kind and supportive.

Friendly, humorous, smart, supportive.

Every day is a new challenge and this is something I can appreciate. Never a dull day when you’re doing something new!
I suspect it’s going to be the upcoming Christmas party. Until then I’m going with the day I found out I passed Splunk Consultant Services Core Implementation. It was a tough and fun week!
The people are great! I feel like I’ve known them forever already. Everyone is ready to help and really smart. Such a great team to be a part of!
TekStream does a fantastic job of creating fun events and experiences allowing all of us to unwind and connect. Whether it is a team outing at a local brewery or a virtual comedy show – I’d say fun is a core part of our culture and it definitely didn’t diminish during COVID/working remotely.
It is really hard to pinpoint just one memorable moment. TekStream does a phenomenal job recognizing and showing appreciation for our hard work. Personally, I’ve consistently felt seen and appreciated during my 3.5 years of employment here and being recognized among my colleagues as a Top Performer at our quarterly All Hands Meeting definitely sticks out. Oh – and the Yeti cooler we all received before summer was a nice touch!
Diverse, hardworking, supportive, family oriented, and genuine.
The people are definitely what make TekStream such a great place to work. Everyone is able to joke around and have fun while also maintaining a professional atmosphere.
I have two in mind. The more social one was the jam session for the holidays because seeing everyone cut loose and sing off key is always fun. The next moment was the cram session leading up to bootcamp. That time was stressful, but I felt like I had the whole team behind me and I came out the other side with a strong sense of comradery.
Everyone here is supportive and values teamwork. If you need help, your teammates will be there.