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By trade we're a tech company - but if you ask any of us,
we'll tell you we're a "people company".

Renee Veltri


Greg Becker

Team Lead and Technical Architect

Pete Chen

Team Lead and Technical Architect

Hardik Desai

Team Lead and Technical Architect

The employees and the company culture make working at TekStream fun. The culture of the organization thrives on valuing employees. Everyone at TekStream is dedicated, supportive, and fun to work with. Collaborating within this unique team has been exciting.

As a remote employee, I always enjoy getting together with my team whether for client or internal events. I have many great memories from each of those occasions.

One of my favorite things is that we still get hand-written notes from our CEO for birthdays, work anniversary’s, and for attaining certain work-related goals. It’s a rare commodity that leaves a strong impression.

Energetic, kindhearted, encouraging, committed
There are a number of aspects of working at TekStream that are fun, but my favorite are the interactions with team members at TekStream employee gatherings. When the work’s done we know how to let loose and have a great time.
There are a number of memorable moments and new ones are always being created. Probably best to not write them down.
During team meetings, I’m especially in awe of the knowledge and talent on our team. People that work at TekStream are bright, energetic and enthusiastic.
TekStream is a dynamic environment where we work hard and play hard. The interpersonal relationships we build with our teammates help to make work fun!
Among the many fond memories at TekStream, I would have to say the goofy gift exchange each December is the best! It’s all of us having a great time together, from all different departments.
The short answer is that I would describe my TekStream co-workers as my friends. We all care for each other, help when there’s a need, and support each other’s growth.
In addition to the obvious entertaining activities like happy hours, table tennis, pool, charity events, spin classes etc., what makes working at TS fun for me is the work culture which promotes and rewards hard work and excellence in a manner which I have not seen at other companies.

Being one of the first employees, I used to pride myself in knowing all the folks who worked at TS. However, at the holiday party of 2015, I was amazed at how many employees I did NOT know, which is a testimony to the quick growth TS has seen in the last few years.

(Oh, and also, winning the inaugural Table Tennis tournament in a land slide ;))

The human capital at TS is the most impressive aspect of the company in my book. In addition to excelling in their specific areas, the employees bring a gamut of interests, life experience and culture to the mix, which has helped create an exciting and well balanced work-play culture at TS where employees are vested in each other’s well-being and growth.