Splunk Partner of the Year 4 Years in a Row: TekStream Recognized 3x by Splunk in 2024
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Cloud-Ready Consulting

Developing applications for the cloud is quite different than building traditional, on-prem applications. TekStream’s AWS experts will provide your developers with analysis and guidance so that your organization builds stable, secure applications that take full advantage of the unique capabilities available on AWS.

TekStream is an AWS Advanced Tier Services Partner

AWS Professional Services



Business professional receiving AWS advice from AWS expert.

AWS releases hundreds of new products and services to help businesses like yours scale and grow. The question is, how well can your team keep up? If you’re like most, you can benefit from the help of an expert partner who is current on the latest trends and services. One that can also help you leverage the full potential of each product update and your AWS investment.

Advanced Tier Partner Services TekStream offers include:

· Cloud-ready consulting and app development
· Managed support
· Cost optimization and licensing support
· AWS migration and strategy
· Disaster recovery planning
· Cloud migration
· Cybersecurity threat detection and response

We simplify AWS deployment and management complexities to help you maximize ROI. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the AWS landscape.



TekStream AWS expert providing consulting services to client.

As a multi-certified AWS Advanced Tier Solutions Partner, TekStream is recognized for its range of advisory and consulting services designed to help you unlock the full potential of your AWS instances. Our team of cloud engineers combines deep expertise in architecting AWS workloads and enterprise applications to help you extract the most value from your AWS platform. 

  • Lift and shift workloads to AWS 
  • Cloud-ready AWS consulting
  • Cloud-ready application development 
  • Oracle on AWS 
  • Resource optimization 
Cloud Migration

Cloud Migration

AWS expert facilitating an AWS cloud migration project.

Considering a shift from an on-premise model to AWS cloud infrastructure? Looking for ways to offset the cost of moving from on-premises to the cloud? Your choice of implementation partner can make or break your migration.

From planning your migration project to auditing your current plans, let our team of certified AWS experts work as an extension of your team. We will use our access to AWS funding programs to create a seamless transition, reducing your risk and capital expense. The result? Fast, continuous and quantifiable business value.

Lift & Shift

Moving critical infrastructure to the cloud can be costly and time intensive without the right expertise. TekStream uses solutions like AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) to make the process more manageable while reducing the number of disruptions. Our team of experts has more than 250 on-prem and cloud-based AWS implementations under its belt, equipping us with unique insights and best practices. So, whether you need to create a lift and shift roadmap or analyze your existing application, TekStream can define the path that works best for your company.

AWS Funding

Considering migrating to AWS but worried about the costs? AWS offers substantial incentive programs that will offset capital and recurring expenses. As an AWS Migration Competency Partner, TekStream can help you secure AWS funding for your enterprise. You can use the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) and other AWS funding opportunities to reduce infrastructure costs and focus on innovation.


Unlock the full potential of your AWS migration with TekStream’s comprehensive licensing services. As your trusted partner, we streamline your transition to the cloud, ensuring you get the right subscriptions at the best prices. With several years of experience in AWS, including our Oracle Competency Partner status and reputation as a multi-award winning Splunk partner, our experts can devise strategies that maximize ROI and help you avoid overspending.


Cloud Optimization

Cloud Optimization

AWS expert overseeing AWS cloud optimization initiative.

Are orphaned AWS elements cutting into your budget? Not sure what to remove and where to optimize? Our AWS cloud optimization service can help. It collects, analyzes, recommends and corrects elements of your AWS account to ensure you are spending money only on what you need. By combining our software with our AWS cloud migration best practices and expertise, you can monitor your AWS account to determine what to take offline or remove to reduce monthly spend.


Navigating the AWS ecosystem can be complex. Without the right expertise, you’ll be likely to overpay for extra services or miss out on essential ones. TekStream’s AWS licensing consultants have years of experience and deep understanding of the platform. They can help you select the right subscription for your business needs, system requirements and resources. With TekStream, you’ll be able to manage your AWS cloud subscription efficiently to achieve cost-effective and customized cloud solutions that drive tangible value to your business.

Well-Architected Review

As a top-tier AWS partner, we have the expertise to help you manage your AWS workloads. Our Well-Architected Review service mitigates security risks, enhances performance and optimizes cost efficiency. With the help of our experienced Solution Architects, you can implement the AWS Well-Architected Framework to regularly evaluate, remediate and enhance your systems, offering actionable insights and a prioritized roadmap to resolve pressing issues.


Modern App Development

Modern App Development

TekStream AWS experts helping client on a AWS custom app development project.

Building stable and secure AWS applications that fully unlock cloud potential requires strategic expertise. Partner with TekStream for your AWS Custom App Development needs. Our team, skilled in AWS solutions, provides targeted analysis and guidance, enabling your organization to effectively leverage AWS’s unique capabilities like Cloud Native Development and Modern Application Development to support initiatives like compliance, gamification and group training modules.

Managed Services

Managed Services

TekStream AWS experts helping clients brainstorm and roadmap tech infrastructure using AWS capabilities.

AWS-certified and with diverse backgrounds, our team of expert consultants equip you with the necessary skills to get the most out of your AWS environment. TekStream’s managed services are all customized based on your unique business needs and can include the following: 

  • Issue alert notifications
  • Remediation services for monitored issues 
  • Monitoring services 
  • AWS cloud migration strategy
  • Minor solution enhancements 
  • Infrastructure as a Service
  • AWS configuration changes 
  • Environment patching 
  • Break/fix support 

Expertise as a Service (EaaS)

Need expert advice on architecting a new solution? Want to understand the long-term impact of implementing a new tool? Or perhaps you want to ensure you’re extracting the full value from an AWS workload? Our on-demand service provides flexible access to top AWS engineers who will help you solve your toughest business challenges. Whether you need to consult with a TekStream professional on a strategic initiative or could use an extra pair of eyes to look at your latest configuration, we’re here to help you succeed with AWS as your Advanced Tier Services Partner.


Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

TekStream AWS experts helps client with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS).

Mitigate the impact of unexpected downtime with TekStream’s AWS Disaster Recovery services. Our team uses the power of AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery (AWS DRS) to provide IT resilience, ensuring rapid recovery from IT disruptions, application failures or malicious attacks.

Our cost-effective, cloud-based disaster recovery strategies offer unmatched flexibility and security. TekStream ensures you protect your hard-earned reputation, maintain business continuity and keep your enterprise ahead of the curve.


Intelligent Document Processing — AI/ML — Generative AI

Intelligent Document Processing – AI/ML – Generative AI

TekStream's Intelligent Document Processing solution leverages AI, ML, and Generative AI to help clients bring their content strategies to life.

How you manage, collaborate on and distribute information is critical to the success of your operations. And it’s likely that your biggest challenge is understanding how content requirements drive technology selection. TekStream works with enterprise content management applications including:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Machine Learning
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Oracle WebCenter Content
  • Hyland OnBase
  • Oracle CX Content

We know how to best manage the process so your people can extract the information they need at the right time. Let TekStream bring your content strategies to life.

Intelligent Document Processing

Leverage the expertise of TekStream in AWS Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solutions like AWS Textract and Rekognition to effectively manage documents, images, files and more. We offer market-leading IDP solutions that use the power of AI and Machine Learning to unlock the hidden value in your unstructured data. Our solutions boost operational efficiencies and reduce costs, helping you achieve actionable insights at scale while enhancing compliance and risk management.


Splunk on AWS

Splunk on AWS

TekStream is a multi-award winning Elite Splunk Partner having won the Trailblazer Award (Public Sector) in 2022, the Cloud Partner of the Year — Americas Award in 2022, and the 2021 Award for Professional Services in the Americas and Globally.

Move beyond the burdens of physical, on-premises servers with TekStream’s expertise in deploying Splunk on AWS. As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Splunk Elite Professional Services Provider, TekStream is perfectly positioned to facilitate your digital migration.

Whether you’re already using Splunk within your on-premises environment or are new to AWS, our skilled team ensures seamless integration. Use Splunk Add-On for AWS, troubleshooting with machine learning capabilities and maintaining security and compliance with Splunk’s tools.

Let TekStream scale your business with Splunk’s AWS ecosystem.




TekStream can help you find the AWS expertise your team needs.

Finding and retaining top AWS talent in today’s tight labor market is hard — even harder if you don’t know what to look for. Our team of experienced technical AWS recruiters can help you hire AWS developers and specialists. Gain a competitive advantage by tapping into our broad network of onsite developers who source and screen the best candidates. You can even consult on hires or customize our talent-sourcing services to the required level of service.

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