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Developing applications for the cloud is quite different than building traditional, on-prem applications. TekStream’s AWS experts will provide your developers with analysis and guidance so that your organization builds stable, secure applications that take full advantage of the unique capabilities available on AWS.

AWS Will Pay You to Migrate

Did you know AWS will cover a significant portion of a new AWS migration or proof-of-concept project?

If you are considering a move to AWS, now is the time. AWS will provide from $25K for a proof-of-concept program to over $500K for a complete AWS migration. And these totals could reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars over multi-year migrations.

As a certified AWS Migration Competency Partner, TekStream can help you unlock access to these funds and secure AWS funding for your next AWS project.

Managed Services

Migrating to AWS gives your company a low-cost, scalable, powerful, and highly reliable infrastructure platform in the cloud. You can scale resources up or down depending on your needs, and you pay only for what you use. With the equivalent of thousands of servers at your disposal, you can set up and deploy new projects immediately; whether you want to host a production solution or prototype an app, AWS makes it easy to innovate and rapidly respond to new opportunities. However, managing an AWS deployment is complex and time-intensive. Standard infrastructure maintenance tasks, including monitoring, patching, and upgrades, are necessary. Outsourcing the management and support of your AWS deployment simplifies operations, increases your ROI, and frees up your internal staff to focus on improving your website or apps instead of managing your cloud infrastructure.

Managed Services


Many companies are embracing cloud-hosted solutions to reduce infrastructure costs and improve manageability and efficiency. AWS provides a comprehensive set of integrated, subscription-based infrastructure and platform services that enable businesses to run any workload in a secure environment or create cloud-ready applications on an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Offering the most mature and enterprise-grade set of services to support core organizational workloads while simultaneously increasing efficiency and maximizing cost savings, AWS continues to drive innovation and digital transformation for many organizations.


AWS offers some of the best enterprise cloud services available in the industry. With so many options for services and technologies, it can be confusing to determine what you really need to get started, or even how best to expand the footprint you already have in the AWS Cloud. Many organizations end up overpaying for unnecessary services during their initial move to the cloud, or many more companies continue to pay for services they really don’t need once they are established in the cloud. Either mistake can dramatically reduce the ROI of these valuable offerings. TekStream’s AWS licensing consultants can help you get the subscriptions you need, while minimizing your costs.

Lift and Shift

Database platforms, middleware engines, and ERP and CRM systems make up the backbone of your business. Moving these critical infrastructures to the cloud can reduce costs, free up resources, and enhance redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. However, shifting from traditional on-premise models to the AWS cloud infrastructure leveraging a hybrid model in your journey can be a daunting task. Moving your existing applications as they are, running in a hybrid model or migrating them to newer and more efficient technologies, requires careful planning and expertise.

Lift and Shift

Cloud Optimization

As organizations adopt the cloud to run critical business applications, maintain test and development environments, and devise geographic disaster recovery solutions, costs can quickly get out of hand without appropriate controls and oversight to manage how and when systems are utilized. Many companies find themselves in situations where they spin up servers for a particular development activity, then forget to shut them down. In other cases, snapshots may have been required for short- term backups of active systems but were not cleared when they were no longer needed. All of these can lead to orphaned AWS elements that you are still being charged for even though they no longer provide any value to your organization.

Oracle on AWS

Organizations are eager to take advantage of the cost savings and efficiency of cloud infrastructure and platform services. A key challenge is moving core enterprise applications from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud. Whether serving as an organization’s main database platform, middleware engine, or ERP and CRM backbone, Oracle is an integral part of enterprise applications. Meanwhile, AWS offers the most mature and enterprise-grade set of services to support core organizational workloads while increasing efficiency and maximizing cost savings.

Amazon WorkDocs

Companies rely on data and content to drive business operations and to keep their employees, partners, and customers informed. Public Sector agencies, state and local governments, healthcare services, educational services, and federal agencies all depend on accurate, timely, and secure information to ensure efficient operations and to keep their constituents informed. How these organizations create, manage, collaborate on, and distribute this information in a timely and secure fashion is critical to the success of their operations. TekStream has focused on providing Enterprise Content Management applications since we founded our company in 2011. As a trusted advisor and technology implementer helping our clients realize their next generation solutions in the Cloud, we bring our years of experience with efficiently managing content operations to Amazon WorkDocs. Find out how TekStream can help you meet your content management needs on the most trusted Cloud platform using innovative content services with Amazon WorkDocs.

Amazon WorkDocs

Talent Sourcing

Recruiting technical employees who are skilled in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is challenging for traditional HR and recruitment staff, who often don’t fully understand the intricacies of the technology and the niche skills required for AWS roles. Your HR department needs to spend their time working on internal projects and day-to-day needs, not learning the technical aspects of the AWS skills and jobs you need to fill. TekStream leverages our AWS knowledge and experience to help you hire better- qualified staff.

Case Studies

The State Board of Administration (SBA) for the Florida government began looking for a strategic partner and a potential solution provider to lead a Cloud migration and to move from an on-premises hardware data center model to a modern Cloud infrastructure operating expense model.

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