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Oracle on AWS

Are you thinking of migrating your Oracle solution to the Cloud? Careful consideration must be given to your Oracle licensing setup.

Even at the best of times, Oracle licensing can be complex. At its worst, it can seem like a never-ending hole of legal jargon, Core calculations, and usage analysis. Often it’s navigating these licenses, not the underlying technology, that can halt even the most well-intentioned Cloud migration efforts.

If you have questions about your cloud computing migration, we can help. TekStream has experience working with dozens of enterprise organizations to help identify the ideal cloud computing solution for their specific needs.

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Oracle on AWS Licensing

Options for Licensing Oracle on AWS

Oracle can be deployed on AWS using the compute resources (EC2). Like a standard server on your datacenter today, when using this migration strategy, you are responsible for the licenses of any software running on the instances (including Oracle database, middleware, or any other software instances).

When deploying databases using Amazon RDS for Oracle, Amazon provides additional options for licensing. With AWS you can leverage your existing Oracle licenses on EC2, or you can choose to have the license included within the cost of running the Amazon RDS instances.

Oracle to AWS Licensing Migration Tips

Bring Your Own License vs. License Included on AWS

License IncludedBYOL
DB Editions AvailableStandard Edition One (SE1), Standard Edition Two (SE2)Standard Edition (SE), Standard Edition One (SE1), Standard Edition Two (SE2), Enterprise Edition
DB UpdatesThe cost of the “Software Update License” is embedded in the hour price, enable access to Oracle Database software updates.You should have “Software Update License & Support” from Oracle.
SupportAWS Premium Support will be the single point of contact for both Oracle and RDS service requests.Companies will continue to use your active Oracle support account and contact Oracle directly for Oracle Database specific service requests. RDS specific issues will be covered as part of AWS Premium Support. AWS and Oracle have a multi-vendor support process for cases that require assistance from both organizations.

Have Licensing Questions and Needs?

Oracle licensing has always been complicated and confusing. Even more so with the advent of Cloud technology. There are just so many rules! To make things even more convoluted, the interpretation of these rules can vary depending on who you’re talking to at Oracle.

Need help? TekStream can help demystify the Oracle licensing process. We can provide straightforward counsel and, most importantly, identify cost-saving opportunities while still maintaining full licensing compliance.

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