Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

TekStream’s MDR combines best-of-breed technology (Splunk SIEM/SOAR) and CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection and Response (EDR) with our experienced team of security analysts and a highly-refined operations process to meet today’s ever-evolving security landscape. Our mission is to proactively improve your security maturity, working as an extension of your team to detect malicious activity and address advanced threats quickly.

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Increasing Security Complexity Demands a New Approach

Security threats don’t just come from the perimeter.  We must now anticipate, assess, and remediate threats from the inside out. 

If you’re plagued by any of these common pain points, we can provide a more effective security solution:

  • Identifying, training, and retaining talented security professionals
  • Staying ahead of the latest threat tactics and techniques
  • Keeping pace with new technologies and security protocols
  • Managing dozens of security tools from multiple vendors
  • Chasing false positives and low fidelity alerts
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Why TekStream Managed Security

“TekStream goes beyond the typical black box virtual SOC. They prioritize real incident response and support.”

TekStream’s Managed Detection and Response Service is designed and built to deliver:

Confidence – 24/7 proactive threat hunting with real human review and response

Expertise – Managing highly complex and diverse Splunk environments enables us to craft customized playbooks for your needs

Experience – Splunk experts averaging 5+ years

Excellence – Splunk 2021 Partner of the Year, 2 times over: Globally and the Americas Region

How does your overall security maturity and readiness measure up along these three axes? While no company is ever “fully” secured across all three dimensions, constant evaluation and testing in each area is required to chart your course for better security management.

TekStream’s approach to assessment and planning keeps clients continuously improving their security maturity and readiness.

Our Security Solutions At Work

Managed Detection and Response Service Secures Allied Global Marketing’s Client Data, Lowers Fees

TekStream helped global media buying powerhouse rapidly enhance their security posture, maintain compliance, and train their internal team.

Coastal Credit Union

SIEM Upgrade for Coastal Federal Credit Union

Splunk Enterprise Security offered this southeastern banking firm the dynamic SIEM environment it needed and was installed and configured within weeks.

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TekStream’s Managed Security processes provide a 360º view and a continuous, proactive stance to threat management with closed loop operations.


  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Real-time data ingestion and review
  • Automated quick response


  • Continuous investigation
  • Case management
  • Accountability on findings and status


  • Continuous improvement for enhanced visibility and fidelity
  • Identifying and addressing new threats
  • System improvement
  • Operational Response (seconds/minutes)
  • Ongoing Management & Escalation (minutes/days)
  • Security Assessment & Adaptation (monthly/quarterly)​

Getting Started with TekStream MDR

Proven Process for Splunk MDR/Security Operations and CrowdStrike

Getting Started with TekStream MDR

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