Splunk Partner of the Year 4 Years in a Row: TekStream Recognized 3x by Splunk in 2024

Splunk Cloud Services

Leverage the Benefits of Splunk Without the Hassles of On-Prem Management

Get the business intelligence and insights provided by Splunk without the responsibilities of an on-prem
solution. Splunk Enterprise is available both through Splunk Cloud
and as a hosted cloud solution in 10 different Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions worldwide,
including AWS GovCloud (in the U.S.). Splunk Enterprise on the AWS Cloud gives you all the flexibility of
the AWS cloud platform; you can modify your Splunk Enterprise deployment on-demand, scaling up or
down as your needs change.

You enjoy the same features as you would with a traditional, on-prem Splunk
solution, including:

  • Simple data collection and indexing
  • Powerful SPL-based searches that automatically make metrics compatible
  • Easy discovery of trends and relationships between elements using correlation and analysis
  • Automatic reporting functions customized to your needs
  • Careful monitoring for problems, with straightforward alerts sent directly to administrators or
    users through email or Slack
  • Access to premium solutions such as Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI) and Splunk Enterprise
    Security (ES)

Extend the Power of Splunk with Apps:

  • Splunk App for AWS- See what’s happening in your Amazon Web Services (AWS) deployments with end-to-end security, operational and cost-management insights.
  • Splunk App for Infrastructure – Unify and correlate logs and metrics in one solution. Get free comprehensive infrastructure monitoring, alerting and investigation with your Splunk Enterprise license.

About TekStream’s Splunk Cloud Services

Whether you choose to run Splunk Enterprise in Splunk Cloud or through your own instance on AWS, TekStream makes implementation simpler and more efficient, so that your team can start gaining valuable business insights as soon as possible. All of our Splunk Enterprise consultants have the highest Splunk accreditations available. With a diverse background in operations, security, development, and consulting, our consultants can address every business area that may benefit from Splunk. We work with your team to discover the best ways to leverage your new Splunk tools and provide optimal ROI through the cloud. Our Splunk services are:

  • Instantly Accessible— Instantly begin a free trial, with the ability to convert to a full production license without losing access to any information.
  • Secure— Splunk has completed an SOC2 Type 2 Attestation and obtained ISO 27001 certification, which means that your data will remain secure in the cloud, no matter where you use it.
  • Reliable— Downtime is minimized by ensuring you have as much bandwidth as you need on any given day. Thanks to cloud infrastructure, this automatically adjusts as you grow.
  • Scalable— Splunk Enterprise on AWS and Splunk Cloud solutions can scale to multi- terabytes of ingestion per day, ensuring simple scalability.
  • Hybrid— We can centralize visibility across cloud and on-prem deployments through a custom hybrid implementation.

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