Splunk Consulting Services

Are you maximizing Splunk’s ability to support your modern infrastructure? As the only Splunk Premier MSP and Elite Services partner in North America, TekStream offers a range of services designed to ensure your Splunk implementation is fully leveraged and architected to meet the unique needs of your organization.

cloud services

Get the business intelligence and insights provided by Splunk without the responsibilities of an on-prem solution. Splunk Enterprise is available both through Splunk Cloud and as a hosted cloud solution in 10 different Amazon Web Services (AWS) regions worldwide, including AWS GovCloud (in the U.S.). Splunk Enterprise on the AWS Cloud gives you all the flexibility of the AWS cloud platform; you can modify your Splunk Enterprise deployment on-demand, scaling up or down as your needs change. 

core services

Our consultants hold the highest Splunk certifications available and are skilled in crafting complex, enterprise-wide solutions. As Splunk specialists, we help you uncover the operational intelligence and insights into trends and patterns that drive quicker and better business decisions for your organization. 

IT operations

Today’s data environments are more complex than ever. Legacy systems often fail to adapt to changing IT environments, operate in silos, and fail to collect and correlate information from multiple technologies. This makes it difficult to monitor IT infrastructure or troubleshoot problems. Splunk software for IT operations gives you end-to-end visibility across your IT infrastructure, allowing you to examine your data in depth and in real time—whether that data is stored on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment. Splunk software collects and correlates the machine data you need to quickly troubleshoot issues and outages, monitor end-to-end service levels, and detect anomalies.

premium solutions

Splunk is known for simplifying business intelligence collection and delivering actionable insights from your data. Out-of-the-box Splunk solutions will deliver plenty of benefits to any organization, but these advantages are enhanced and extended when combined with Splunk’s premium solutions. 

Both on-prem and cloud Splunk implementations allow you to monitor the health of your systems and pull important business intelligence from machine and log data out of the box, but they have limitations. Splunk’s premium solutions extend Splunk’s utility, allowing you to significantly increase ROI and functionality and solve even more common business challenges.


Cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency, intensity, and cost, and the threat environment is more dynamic than ever, with new attack vectors emerging daily. Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) uses big data security analytics to provide the actionable intelligence that organizations need to combat threats. Implemented properly, Splunk ES reduces attack detection times, streamlines event investigations, and allows for rapid response to incidents with automated actions and workflows.

Machine data – the “digital exhaust” produced by all of the systems, technology, and infrastructure powering modern businesses – is everywhere, and growing at an exponential rate. Splunk can be used to access the value that is stored in that data, making machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. While Splunk is best known for its ability to rapidly index and search log files to help investigate problems (think of Google search for your logs), where it truly starts to shine and add the most value to organizations is when it is leveraged to provide operational visibility and proactive, real-time business insight. This can help your organization make quicker and better business decisions by understanding trends and patterns, and gaining operational intelligence. TekStream’s expert team of Splunk architects can help you get there.


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Splunk Enterprise is the top software used by businesses around the world to turn massive amounts of raw machine data into useful business insights. Splunk Enterprise makes it easy to tap into the immense value trapped within big data generated by your infrastructure, applications, and security systems. You can then visualize operational performance and business results in simple, enterprise-friendly reports. Splunk Enterprise also has a simple interface that is friendly to users of all levels.