Maximize Your Splunk Enterprise Security Protection

Cyber-attacks are rapidly increasing in frequency, intensity, and cost, and the threat environment is
more dynamic than ever, with new attack vectors emerging daily. Splunk Enterprise Security (ES) uses
big data security analytics to provide the actionable intelligence that organizations need to combat
threats. Implemented properly, Splunk ES reduces attack detection times, streamlines event
investigations, and allows for rapid response to incidents with automated actions and workflows.


Extend the Power of Splunk with Apps:

  • InfoSec App for Splunk- Designed to address the most common security use cases, including continuous monitoring and security investigations. InfoSec app also includes a number of advanced threat detection use cases.
  • Splunk Security Essentials for Ransomware – An app designed to help Splunk software users manage their risk and response to WannaCry and similar types of ransomware. The app provides you a starting point that you can customize to work in your specific environment.
  • Splunk App for PCI Compliance – A Splunk developed and supported App designed to help organizations meet PCI DSS 3.2 requirements. It reviews and measures the effectiveness and status of PCI compliance technical controls in real time.
  • Splunk Security Essentials – Use Splunk’s analytics-driven security for your environment, from security monitoring to detecting insiders or advanced attackers in your environment with this free app. The app uses Splunk Enterprise and the power of Search Processing Language (SPL) to showcase many working examples.



About TekStream’s Splunk Enterprise Security Services

Although Splunk Enterprise Security provides numerous out-of-the-box threat detection settings, every organization’s data environment is different; realizing this, Splunk designed its security solution with customization in mind. TekStream’s Splunk ES Services consultants will work with your team to ensure that your Splunk ES implementation is configured properly to suit your organization’s specific data environment, including integration with other security solutions.

TekStream’s Splunk consultants specialize in Splunk implementations, hold the highest level of certification available to Splunk partners, and are experienced with Splunk instances deployed on-prem, in the Splunk Cloud, and through third-party cloud providers. All of TekStream’s Splunk ES Services packages are customized to your needs and can include such services as:

  • New Splunk ES implementations: on-prem, in the Splunk Cloud, or in a third-party cloud
  • Ongoing system and performance upgrades and maintenance
  • Licensing management
  • Integration with other cyber security solutions