Get the right Oracle licenses for your organization, save money, and avoid costly audits

Oracle offers some of the best enterprise software on the market, but Oracle’s licensing options can be
complex, confusing, frustrating, and expensive. Additionally, Oracle is making a massive investment in cloud technologies, resulting in thousands of new Oracle products, metrics, purchasing rules, and pricing structures. Many companies find it challenging to comply with all licensing rules, which means they end
up either overpaying for unnecessary licenses or accidentally failing to purchase the right licenses, which leads to costly audits.

TekStream’s Oracle licensing consultants understand how difficult it is to follow Oracle’s complicated licensing rules. They leverage their years of experience to help you get the right licenses for your business needs. Whether you want a traditional on-prem solution or are looking to take your business into the cloud, our team ensures you get the products and performance you need while minimizing your costs.

About Our Oracle Licensing Services:

TekStream helps organizations license the Oracle software suite that best fits their unique business needs. Our Oracle Licensing Services include:

  • Oracle Licensing for New Purchases — TekStream makes the Oracle licensing process for new software purchases easy. Our team has decades of Oracle licensing experience, so we can clearly lay out all your options. We help you choose the Oracle licenses that work best for your organization, at the best price, while complying with Oracle’s complex licensing rules.
  • Support Renewal Reduction Consulting — TekStream provides Oracle licensing consulting to identify potential savings for organizations that want to save money on their annual Oracle support renewals. We pinpoint areas where you may be overpaying and provide you with viable alternatives that reduce your costs without removing vital services.
  • Audit Defense and Prevention — TekStream’s Oracle licensing experts have worked with many customers to help prevent Oracle licensing audits. We examine your current position and determine how to avoid any future audits. If you are already undergoing an Oracle audit, our team can identify and fix potential compliance issues to mitigate any penalty fees.
  • ULA/ELA Evaluation Services — Is your Unlimited License Agreement with Oracle a good deal for your organization? Often, customers’ projected use doesn’t match up with their actual use, which means that they may be overpaying. TekStream can help you evaluate the ROI of your current usage and identify any alternatives that could be more cost-effective.
  • MySQL, Oracle Linux, and Oracle VM Support — Unlike Oracle’s other support offerings, TekStream can offer additional discounts on support for these Oracle products— even after the first year of purchase. If you are purchasing support for these software solutions directly from Oracle, TekStream can save you money on your next renewal.
  • Cloud Rightsizing – TekStream’s Cloud experts can help you to tune your Oracle Cloud to make sure you have not purchased too many universal credits.  We can help you sort through hundreds of configuration options to make sure you’re not paying more than you need to.

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