Oracle WebCenter Content Solutions

Is Your Organization Drowning in Content?

Enterprise content management (ECM) has moved beyond simple document storage to managing enormous repositories of video, audio, email, and high-resolution digital images, along with key transactional content such as invoices, forms, and records from systems like Oracle E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, and PeopleSoft. The situation is complicated further when outside collaborators use the same content, or when content is shared with and managed by external entities.

About TekStream’s Oracle WebCenter Content Services

TekStream leverages the strengths of Oracle WebCenter Content to develop a custom content management solution that keeps your documents and files secure yet easily accessible when you need them. From file server consolidation to sophisticated, multi-site web content management, Oracle WebCenter Content offers robust, scalable solutions and a powerful infrastructure that allows you to create content-enabled applications.As Oracle WebCenter Content experts, TekStream consultants understand the content management challenges that organizations face in a digital world. We will help you develop a content solution that keeps what works well in your current content strategy while employing the newest Oracle WebCenter technologies. We prioritize your needs and turn your content dead-ends into dynamic systems that work in your unique business situation. Examples include:

  • Oracle ECM solutions that consolidate your content into a single, integrated system, eliminating the high cost of maintaining multiple content management solutions that support applications from various lines of business.
  • Support new business goals in the areas of enterprise social computing and collaboration by making it simple to implement blogs, wikis, digital whiteboards, online meetings, and instant messaging services.
  • WebCenter Content tools and solutions that allow you to more easily manage content across multiple channels, including online, video, and mobile.
  • A simple system that any authorized end user can employ to create, upload, modify, or retire content, freeing up your technical staff to work on IT initiatives instead of managing content.
  • Cloud solutions that make it easier to manage the volumes of paper and electronic documents that grow exponentially each day, including transactional content such as invoices, sales orders, and contracts.
  • Electronic preservation of documents using Oracle technology to ensure regulatory compliance and demonstrate due diligence should a legal issue arise.

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