Oracle Consulting

Oracle Consulting Services That Address Your Organization’s Business Challenges

The biggest challenge most organizations encounter when implementing Oracle Cloud or On-Prem solutions is a lack of knowledge of how to maximize the technology. TekStream brings the experience and expertise your team needs to get the most out of your Oracle Investment. You’ll get the highest possible ROI without having to worry about costly mistakes common among professionals who have only cursory knowledge of the Oracle ecosystem.

About TekStream’s Oracle Consulting Solutions

TekStream’s Oracle Consulting services address typical business challenges with innovative solutions to help you prevent costly mistakes. Our certified consultants average over 12 years of experience with Oracle Cloud and On-Prem implementations, and our company has spearheaded over 250 Oracle deployments. We understand the company-wide IT problems faced by companies and take pride in providing customized solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Our Oracle consulting services include:

  • Oracle Managed Services – TekStream offers flexible, cost-effective managed services providing comprehensive, 24/7 coverage of your Oracle investment.
  • Oracle Licensing – TekStream will save your company money and help you avoid costly audits by ensuring you have the correct Oracle licenses for your business needs.
  • Oracle IaaS – TekStream can develop cloud strategies and implement any Oracle IaaS technology, including Compute, Storage, Network, Container, and Ravello.
  • Oracle PaaS – TekStream will prioritize your needs and turn your ground-based endeavors into dynamic cloud solutions that are customized to your unique business challenges.
  • Oracle On-Prem – The latest innovations in Oracle On-Prem technologies, deployed in custom implementations designed for the realities unique to your operations and data center capacities.
  • Oracle Support – TekStream will save your organization the expense and stress of managing your Oracle Cloud and On-Prem implementations.
  • Oracle Talent Sourcing – TekStream will leverage our Oracle knowledge and experience to help you quickly source and hire qualified staff.

All of TekStream’s Oracle projects leverage TekStream’s proven QuickStream implementation
methodology, which allows for rapid requirements analysis, design, and road-mapping. This lets you get
started quickly and begin capturing value from your Oracle investment as soon as possible.

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