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Maintaining physical, On-Premise (On-Prem) servers can be expensive. Between the hard cost of the On-Prem equipment and the soft labor cost to maintain these systems, it’s no wonder that more businesses are taking their holistic digital ecosystem to the cloud.

This migration trend includes installing critical third-party applications like Splunk onto their cloud-based environment. This is a trend that Splunk is supporting through a significant investment in the platform as well as an integrated partnership with industry-leading cloud-based platforms – specifically Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Splunk Elite Professional Services Provider, TekStream can help you reach your migration goals.

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Splunk On-Prem to AWS Migration

The relationship between Splunk and AWS is excellent news for companies that are already utilizing Splunk within their On-Prem environment but want to enjoy the benefits of a cloud-based platform like AWS. To further support the varied needs of its customer base, Splunk also offers Splunk Cloud, a cloud service layered onto AWS and backed by a 100% uptime service level agreement.

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Why Migrate to AWS

  • You benefit from increased security, which can ward off data breaches.
  • You pay for what you are actually using instead of buying extra hardware for additional capacity you may not use.
  • You procure computing power in a matter of minutes.
  • You increase visibility into your entire infrastructure.
There are many benefits to achieving higher CMMC trust levels.

What Comes with an AWS Migration

Maintaining physical, On-Prem servers can be expensive and time-intensive. Realize cost-savings at scale by migrating your Splunk environment to AWS. AWS migrations include:

  • Built-in fault tolerance and high availability.
  • Reuse of your existing Splunk licenses.
  • Exploration of additional cost-effective licensing options.
  • Enhancement of your security and monitoring ability.

TekStream’s Splunk on AWS Services

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Splunk Elite Professional Services Partner, TekStream has deep experience in executing complex data migrations to AWS. We can help you reach your goals by:

  • Leveraging our Splunk licensing expertise
  • Analyzing your existing applications and goals
  • Creating a project roadmap
  • Migrating and validating your data
  • Performing quality assurance to make sure your application runs smoothly
  • Providing go-live and ongoing support

The Benefits of Migrating with TekStream

  • Gain end-to-end visibility by centralizing your data under one platform
  • Save time and money by leveraging Splunk’s machine learning capabilities to troubleshoot and identify issues in your environment quickly
  • Enhance security and compliance with Splunk’s many integrations such as Amazon GuardDuty and AWS Security Hub
  • Scale your Splunk implementation automatically, ensuring consistent monitoring and analysis as your ecosystem grows
  • Identify additional cost-saving opportunities with added visibility into your AWS deployment using Splunk’s integrated AWS dashboard
Benefits of Migrating with TekStream

The TekStream Migration Process

TekStream Migration Process

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