“Splunk > the answer to the question you haven’t thought to ask” – let TekStream and Splunk release the value that is tied up in your machine data.

Machine data – the “digital exhaust” produced by all of the systems, technology, and infrastructure powering modern businesses – is everywhere, and growing at an exponential rate. Splunk can be used to access the value that is stored in that data, making machine data accessible, usable, and valuable to everyone. While Splunk is best known for its ability to rapidly index and search log files to help investigate problems (think of Google search for your logs), where it truly starts to shine and add the most value to organizations is when it is leveraged to provide operational visibility and proactive, real-time business insight. This can help your organization make quicker and better business decisions by understanding trends and patterns, and gaining operational intelligence. TekStream’s expert team of Splunk architects can help you get there.

TekStream specializes in Splunk. All of our consultants hold the Splunk Certified Consultant II to ensure that we have the expertise to design and build complex, enterprise-wide, solutions. Our team has experience with integrating Splunk with other technologies as well, allowing us to provide a comprehensive solution using complementary tools. Our experience includes both on-premise and Cloud-based deployments, as well as hybrid approaches that leverage the best of both.

TekStream provides more than just implementation services, however. We can:

  • Provide Splunk licenses and license consulting to ensure that you have the optimal license type and quantity for your unique needs.
  • Implement and configure a Splunk environment, whether on-premises, cloud-based, or a hybrid of the two. This is done utilizing our innovative QuickStream approach, which focuses on discovering your business and technical requirements, then designing and planning the implementation of a solution, in a compressed, rapid, manner.
  • Manage your Splunk environment (wherever it may be) for you, allowing you to focus on using Splunk, not keeping it running.
  • Provide support to your organization, including configuration, report, dashboard, and alert development, custom apps and add-ins, managing security, and general user questions.

Talk with one of our Splunk Architects today to find out how TekStream and Splunk can release the value you have in your machine data.

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