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Expert AWS Consulting

Cloud Strategies and Solutions that Promote Efficiency & Drive Business Transformation

Many companies are embracing cloud-hosted solutions to reduce infrastructure costs and improve manageability and efficiency. AWS provides a comprehensive set of integrated, subscription-based infrastructure and platform services that enable businesses to run any workload in a secure environment or create cloud-ready applications on an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure. Offering the most mature and enterprise-grade set of services to support core organizational workloads while simultaneously increasing efficiency and maximizing cost savings, AWS continues to drive innovation and digital transformation for many organizations.

About TekStream’s AWS Services

TekStream’s expert team of cloud engineers can help you maximize the ROI of these leading technologies. Our in-depth knowledge of the AWS ecosystem, combined with our expertise in architecting and enterprise applications, allows us to assist organizations with running their workloads and applications on the best-in-class AWS cloud platform. TekStream provides the following AWS services:

  • Lift and Shift Workloads to AWS – Strategy planning, architecting, provisioning, migration, and support services.
  • Managed Services for AWS – Organizations move to the cloud to reduce their overhead when managing systems and applications. TekStream’s Managed Services for AWS provide monitoring services, cloud management, and support for your cloud, freeing up your internal resources to concentrate on strategic initiatives.
  • Cloud-Ready Consulting Services – Building for the cloud is not the same as developing traditional on-premise applications. TekStream’s Cloud Ready Consulting Services provides analysis and guidance on your development methods so that your team takes full advantage of the AWS ecosystem.
  • Cloud-Ready Application Development – TekStream’s team of experienced developers and AWS experts can supplement your development efforts for cloud-ready applications that take full advantage of the ever-expanding features on the AWS platform.
  • Oracle on AWS – TekStream’s Oracle experts help companies with planning, architecting, provisioning, and migrating their existing or new Oracle implementations on AWS.
  • Resource Optimization – TekStream’s years of cloud management experience allows us to offer a unique combination of monitoring services and recommendations to maximize your AWS investment while keeping your cloud expenditures manageable.
  • Liferay Digital Experience and Content for AWS – TekStream’s years of experience with portal technologies, Liferay’s enterprise-level digital experience applications, and AWS’ cloud infrastructure allows us to provide robust solutions to transform your business and improve your engagements inside and outside of your organization.
  • AWS DevOps Assist – TekStream Solutions helps you find and train your next generation of qualified AWS development operations teams.

TekStream Expertise as a Service (EaaS): Expertise at the Speed of Need  

Expertise as a Service (EaaS) for AWS — The need for expert support doesn’t end once a consulting project is completed. This is where TekStream EaaS can help.  Whether it’s providing day two support, tackling new AWS challenges or managing overflow workload requests, EaaS provides comprehensive access to AWS experts on call without the added overhead costs. It’s more than just support. It’s peace of mind.

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