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Lift and Shift

Focus on Your Business, Not Your Applications

Database platforms, middleware engines, and ERP and CRM systems make up the backbone of your business. Moving these critical infrastructures to the cloud can reduce costs, free up resources, and enhance redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities. However, shifting from traditional on-premise models to the AWS cloud infrastructure leveraging a hybrid model in your journey can be a daunting task. Moving your existing applications as they are, running in a hybrid model or migrating them to newer and more efficient technologies, requires careful planning and expertise.

About TekStream’s AWS Lift & Shift Services

TekStream Solutions makes the lift and shift process manageable, with as little disruption to your daily operations as possible. Our certified team of expert consultants have led over 250 on-premise and cloud-based AWS and Oracle implementations. Our in-depth knowledge and experience with the Oracle and AWS tool sets, and our close partnerships with both companies, provide us with unique insight into the best practices and strategies to develop and implement cloud migration and transformation strategies. Our experts will:

  • Analyze Your Existing Applications and Goals – Perform a detailed analysis of what you currently have and what is available on the AWS cloud, allowing us to create a roadmap to successfully and securely lift and shift your business.
  • Create a Lift and Shift Roadmap – Develop a detailed set of tasks and timelines to ensure that your applications and databases are moved to the AWS cloud as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our roadmap also lays out the resources that will be required from both your team and ours to ensure all tasks are completed as planned.
  • Perform the Lift and Shift Processes – Moving to the cloud requires many critical steps and prerequisites that must be managed, performed, and validated.
  • Migrate Data and Validate – Moving applications is one thing; moving data and ensuring it is accurate takes time and patience. Additionally, many organizations use the lift and shift process as an opportunity to perform document and data cleansing so that they are moving only the most critical and valid information.
  • Test, Retest, and Test Again – After moving your applications to the cloud, it is critical to ensure that they are tuned and working properly before allowing your users to access them. Quality assurance testing, integration testing, and data validation are all critical to the overall success of your lift and shift.
  • Go-Live Support and Beyond – From an end-user perspective, most applications will work the same way in the cloud as they do on-premises, but moving to the cloud changes the back-end infrastructure. TekStream provides the support you need to ensure your transition to the cloud is successful.

The biggest challenge most organizations face when defining and implementing their cloud strategies is a lack of knowledge of how to maximize cloud technology. TekStream has the experience and expertise your team needs to best use these IT environments. TekStream works with your stakeholders and technical owners to define the path that makes the most sense for your company.

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