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From optimizing supply chain operations to enhancing customer and employee engagement, our expertise turns your key business objectives into mission-critical applications. We have a proven track record you can trust to architect, deploy and maintain sophisticated enterprise-grade applications powered by efficient, scalable infrastructure and clean, streamlined code. 

Our AWS-certified expertise in serverless architectures and Kubernetes-driven ecosystems attests to our ability to meet your business needs in a cost-efficient manner. 

TekStream has a proven track record to make sure your business goals are achieved.

Our Modern App Development Toolkit 

AWS Lambda
Amzon EKS Anywhere
Amazon Karpenter
Amazon CodeWhisperer
Amazon Bedrock
Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS)

Why Trust TekStream 

TekStream guaranteed delivery ensures your projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Guaranteed Delivery 

We ensure projects are consistently delivered on time and within budget. It’s why 98% of customers choose to partner with us again.

TekStream's expertise helps lower TCO

Lower TCO 

Our seasoned specialists deliver cost-effective solutions, maximizing your return on investment.

TekStream's modern app dev expertise facilitates faster build times

Faster Build Times 

Ready-to-use scripts, deployments, cow-code/no-code development and Gen AI facilitate secure and efficient CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment)operation while reducing ongoing management and development tasks.

TekStream's modern app dev approach ensure database excellence.

Database Excellence 

Our expertise in migration, transformation and cloud-native development database services guarantees consistent and dependable results.

TekStream's proven modern app dev approach is truly a one-stop shop for all your application needs.

One-Stop Shop 

No matter your stage in the modern app development journey, we have the expertise to fill in the gaps wherever you need it.

TekStream has the proven technical mastery to get your modern application up and running in no time.

Technical Mastery 

Expertise in Kubernetes, serverless architectures and low-code solutions ensures your applications are efficient, robust and secure.

“TekStream’s ability to understand our requirements and develop an application that fits our technology infrastructure enabled us to transform our employee training program. The fact that 98% of stores recommended a company-wide launch of the pilot serves as a testament to the great work TekStream did in helping us launch it.”

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A Well-Architected Approach to Modern Application Development

Leverage our proven approach to develop, deploy and run your modern application on the cloud.

TekStream MAD Approach

Secure the Success of Your Modern Application With TekStream EaaS 

Attain faster time-to-market with TekStream Expertise as a Service (EaaS) without the cost of a dedicated in-house team. Enjoy access to AWS experts and the agility gained with low-code/no-code development and Gen AI solutions.  

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Why would a client not use their own development teams?

Clients may decide not to use their in-house development teams for several reasons:

  • Talent Pool: Outsourcing provides access to a global talent pool, enabling the selection of highly skilled developers who are experts in their respective fields, such as modern application development and modern application architecture. This is particularly beneficial when the required skill set is scarce or unavailable in-house.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Outsourcing is often more cost-effective as it eliminates overhead costs, provides faster skill set acquisition and allows for easy scalability, essential for scalable applications and modern apps.
  • Faster Build Time: With established processes and expertise in CI/CD, outsourced teams can deliver projects faster. They often have ready-to-go teams that can start working on the project immediately, reducing the time to market for cloud application development.
  • No In-house Capabilities: Outsourcing is a viable option when there’s a lack of in-house capabilities or knowledge in specific languages or technologies. It allows companies to focus on their core operations while the outsourced team handles the development tasks.
What is different in developing a cloud-first application, even if the client is familiar with AWS infrastructure?

Even with AWS familiarity, developing a cloud-first application differs from traditional practices. It adopts a microservices architecture, contrasting with monolithic structures. It also emphasizes rapid, internet-delivered services, scalability and early security integration in the development cycle. This modern approach, focused on cloud environments, requires a unique skill set and considerations, such as those needed for modernizing legacy applications with cloud, making it a different practice despite existing AWS infrastructure knowledge.

How is serverless technology different from developing an application on-prem?

Unlike on-premises solutions, serverless technologies manage developers’ server handling, letting them focus solely on writing code. They offer on-demand usage, event-driven execution to minimize downtime costs and simplified code creation processes, which is a key component of modern application development.

You pay only for features used, reducing operational costs. Serverless technologies enable isolation boundaries for enhanced security and containerization for simplified testing and packaging, streamlining the development process and promoting efficient, cost-effective and secure cloud application development.

How does serverless technologies differ from other models such as IaaS, BaaS and PaaS?

Serverless computing differs in how it handles infrastructure management tasks, unlike IaaS, where you manage the underlying infrastructure; PaaS, where you manage both infrastructure and runtime environment; and BaaS, which provides backend services. In contrast, serverless computing auto-scales resources and charges based on actual usage, fostering more developer-centric operations, quicker deployments and cost efficiency. It streamlines the development process, eliminating the granular control of traditional IaaS, BaaS and PaaS structures.

Modern application development can leverage any of these service models. The difference is that modern app development is a methodology that focuses on how applications are developed, emphasizes agile, scalable and flexible development practices. Modern app development can be integrated into IaaS or PaaS to provide the infrastructure and platform services needed to develop, extend and scale applications.

How are cloud-native databases different?

Cloud-native databases offer quick deployment, remote accessibility and on-demand scalability, unlike traditional on-premises databases. They eliminate hardware setup and can be operational in minutes and adapt to varying loads, ensuring consistent performance. This architecture significantly eases scaling, cost management and resilience, aligning with cloud-native automated provisioning and management principles.

One way to take this further is with a purpose-built cloud-native database. A purpose-built database is one that is developed for the specific workloads and requirements of your application. This enables your application to be faster and makes it easier to build more resilient and scalable applications more cost-effectively.

How is the security of building an application in the cloud different?

Unlike traditional perimeter-based security models, cloud security adopts a data-centric approach, focusing on encryption and multi-factor authentication. It leverages automation and AI-driven defenses for enhanced protection and flexibility, allowing on-demand scalability. Cloud environments also offer robust security features, underpinning the modern approach to application modernization services.

How is CI/CD different in the cloud?

CI/CD in the cloud delivers more automation, scalability and accessibility than traditional setups. Cloud-based CI/CD pipelines leverage cloud resources, enabling faster iterations and instant scalability based on workload demands. They offer a variety of tools and services for seamless integration and deployment, all this alongside better monitoring and logging capabilities. This facilitates a more efficient, agile development environment and performance optimization, which are central tenets of cloud-native development.

Why is building applications in AWS different from Azure or GCP? What is unique to AWS?

Building applications on AWS differs from Azure or GCP due to a few unique aspects, including:

  • Service Range: AWS offers a wide array of services, which is more extensive than those offered by Azure or GCP, allowing developers a bigger sandbox to work in for cloud application development.
  • Maturity: AWS offers more mature and robust services and infrastructure, supporting the creation of scalable applications.
  • Community and Support: AWS has a large community and a broad range of support resources, which can be beneficial, especially when developers encounter issues.
  • Consistent Price Reductions: Services become less expensive over time, allowing greater scale and agility.
  • Developer Tools: The developer tooling may vary across AWS, Azure and GCP, which can influence the ease of application development. Because AWS has a robust toolset, application development is easier.
  • Global Availability: AWS has a vast global infrastructure, ensuring lower latency and better performance globally.
  • Security Protocols: AWS has put strong safeguards in place to enhance its security and add an extra layer of privacy protection.

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