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The evolution to cloud-based infrastructure and the DevOps teams that manage them requires more accurate and sophisticated performance monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities than available via traditional alert monitoring tools.

It’s time for a shift to observability, a modern monitoring approach that allows DevOps teams to more reliably pinpoint root causes for faster issue resolution and smoother rollouts that scale effectively.

Whether you already operate a full cloud-based infrastructure or charting your transition path, TekStream’s team of Splunk experts will help you select and implement the right observability tools and processes to gain better visibility, control and incident response across your complete cloud stack.

The results: Better customer experiences, less downtown, accelerated insight into operational performance, faster MTTR, and greater ROI.

Find out why TekStream was named Splunk Global Partner of the Year for 2021.

Leverage AWS and the Splunk Observability Cloud to Improve your DevOps Performance.

Learn why traditional monitoring tools can’t meet the operational performance challenges of cloud-based applications, and how DevOps teams are implementing observability to gain better visibility and control with AWS and Splunk Observability Cloud.

Develop an Operational Observability Strategy for Success – Webinar

Hear from the experts real-world examples of companies are improving key customer experience metrics by implementing the Splunk Observability Cloud across their organizations, from the people to the process and their technology.

You’ll also take away important design and implementation lessons to help you gain internal understanding and buy-in.

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Discover how LendingPoint, a leading FinTech lending platform, overcame performance monitoring challenges that came with a cloud-native project for critical services that power the growth of their business. Turning to TekStream’s expertise in Splunk implementations and AWS integrations, see how this DevOps team realized both rapid deployment, significant reduction in MTTR, and near immediate ROI.

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Go Deeper – Observability Blogs

Go Deeper –Observability Blogs

Unlock Observability: 3 Ways Splunk Observability Cloud Works with AWS to Improve Your Monitoring Capabilities See how together, you gain real-time fidelity tracing of all your data, global monitoring of your Amazon Container Services, and automated incident response across your complete cloud stack. The results include faster MTTR, improved efficiencies, and better scalability.
The 7-Point Checklist for Integrating Splunk Observability Cloud into Your AWS Environment Contemplating upgrading your monitoring tools and processes to gain faster MTTR and better scalability? Read this first.
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Accelerate your ROI with Our Proven Splunk Observability Implementation Process

TekStream’s QuickStream process for Splunk Observability Cloud will get you up and delivering value in 2-3 weeks, rather than months. We know the questions to ask, the key functions to involve, and the processes to (re)define to ensure the success of your observability project.


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