Make Data Management Easy

TekStream knows Oracle Database, whether you have petabytes of data or megabytes, TekStream can help you to store and manage it. Our skilled teams have decades of knowledge on the core Database product and associated options as well as hands on experience with the new cutting edge cloud technologies like Database as a Service (DBaaS), Autonomous Data Warehouse (ADW), and Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP). We can help provision and deploy your environment, configure it to work with your existing applications, and help you maintain the solution afterwards. We can also help you to tailor your subscriptions and licenses to avoid over spending.

Data Warehouse

Customers who begin using database often reach a point where they have diverse silos of data that provide conflicting answers. TekStream’s solution experts can help you consolidate data into a Data Warehouse or Data Mart to provide a single version of the truth. Our skilled resources can ensure the proper integrations and ETL best practices are employed to ensure a quick and easy deployment


Oracle’s new Autonomous Data Warehouse, and Autonomous Transaction Processing can provide tremendous value, but only if deployed for the right use case by a skilled team. TekStream can help you move past the frustration of learning a new product by quickly ramping you and your team up to speed with the strongest use cases and implementation best practices to make sure your self-healing Database is operating at maximum efficiency.

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