Oracle Container Cloud Services

Give your on-prem applications and workloads new life in the cloud with Oracle Container

Oracle Container Cloud Service provides a quick and easy way to create an enterprise-grade container infrastructure. Oracle Container delivers comprehensive tooling to compose, deploy, orchestrate, and manage Docker container-based applications on the Oracle Cloud for dev, dev/test, DevOps, and cloud native use cases. Many companies assume that cloud subscriptions will be quite expensive, but Oracle Container is fully scalable and designed to maximize your ROI. You pay only for what you use, when you need it, and you can scale up or down as your needs change. You’ll never waste valuable infrastructure resources again. You’ll also enjoy versatile functionality. Oracle Container Cloud services are built for development and testing, as well as production. Since Docker infrastructure needs can change quickly, you shouldn’t have to worry about making constant adjustments. You’ll have the flexibility to focus on your app, not on the infrastructure or internal provisioning requests.

About TekStream’s Oracle Container Services

Experience matters when deploying Oracle infrastructure. Our consultant’s average over 12 years of Oracle experience, and our company has successfully completed over 250 Oracle implementations. TekStream will provide you with a solid roadmap on how to achieve your project goals and assist in efficiently and securely moving your workloads to container cloud services. Oracle IaaS provides a standardized and secure enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure that uses the same architecture and skillsets that your IT teams are accustomed to. During your Oracle Container implementation, TekStream’s consultants will ensure that you gain additional advantages and tools beyond what you may have had when using in-house system services. We will show you how to use the resource pool feature to segment your infrastructure into different pools of computing resources, enabling you to run different apps in different pools or in separate functions during your development lifecycle and build applications faster and more flexibly. TekStream will empower you to provision, manage, and secure your applications on Oracle’s cloud.

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