Oracle Storage Cloud Services

Easily and securely store workloads and data in the Cloud on Oracle Storage Cloud Services

Traditional On-Premise workloads become easier to access and share across the company using Cloud-based infrastructure technologies. TekStream uses Oracle Storage Cloud Services to offer enterprise-proven public Cloud storage and archiving that supports simple conversion to Cloud-based data storage, sharing, and protection. Secure, resilient, elastic, and simple, Oracle Storage makes your data available whenever you need it from any environment connected to the Internet— without the risk of security breach. TekStream’s expert team of Cloud engineers can develop custom storage solutions to meet your business objectives.

About Our Oracle Storage Services

Data and workload storage serves a vital role in securing business intelligence and value. This requires a secure, yet accessible database for relevant files. TekStream implements five versions of Oracle Storage Cloud Services, so you can customize the best fit for your needs:

  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service: Object Storage — Store your most important workloads and data securely and flexibly within the Cloud. Object Storage provides enterprise-class data protection and easy sharing access across the internet.
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Service: Archive Storage — When you need a storage location for infrequently used data, Archive Storage provides cost-effective storage without compromising security.
  • Oracle Database Backup Service — Everyone knows that having a secure backup is just good business. Database Backup Services provide a reliable and scalable object storage solution for your ever-growing Oracle Database backup data.
  • Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance — Leverage this as an easy on-ramp to Oracle’s storage Cloud that provides a secure, POSIX compliant, local NFS interface and serves as a NAS gateway to the cloud for users, applications, and IT management.
  • Oracle Public Cloud Data Transfer Services — Leverage simple tools to transfer your data from its current storage solutions without losing a single file.

Solutions To Typical Business Challenges

When it comes to data storage, security is obviously paramount. Oracle’s Cloud security can’t be beat, but this platform makes itself truly invaluable through a straightforward, user-friendly interface. Since most companies struggle to get employees to efficiently leverage Cloud storage, risking data loss, TekStream works with you to make these tools accessible to everyone through a simple platform and comprehensive training.

How TekStream Can Help

As Oracle Storage experts, TekStream consultants understand the risks inherent in data transfer and storage. We work with you to find Cloud solutions that fit within the way you already work. We can help you keep vital data safe and easy to use within the Cloud. Plus, we’ll always look for dynamic tools that easily adapt to new data realities. No matter your storage needs, TekStream can help you find the right tool.