Cloud Migration: How Three Companies Leveraged AWS Incentives to Accelerate Their Move

By Judd Robins, Executive Vice President, Sales

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the clear leaders in cloud computing – offering an impressive array of services that allow organizations to shift their operations to the cloud. However, it may surprise you to learn that many organizations are receiving funding support from AWS to cover a portion, and sometimes all, of the expenses related to strategically migrating workloads to the AWS environment.  

If you are considering a move to the cloud, we have three examples of TekStream clients that have leveraged AWS funds to support their cloud migrations.

Navigating AWS Funding Opportunities

Before we dive into these practical examples, let’s review the specific guardrails of the program. With AWS Funding, eligible projects can receive funds or credits from AWS to cover a portion of their project costs.

The exact amount received from the AWS Funding Program depends on several factors, including the projected annual recurring revenue for the first 12 months of a project’s completion and the total cost of the project’s consulting services.

Currently, AWS Funding can be accessed to support the following projects:

  • ISV Workload Migration Programs for Oracle, Splunk, Microsoft and others
  • Migration Acceleration Programs
  • Proof-of-Concept Initiatives

Georgia Department of Human Services Migrated Document Imaging to The Cloud

The Georgia Department of Human Services’ legacy Document Imaging System was showing signs of performance and security issues due to outdated software and aging hardware. After an in-depth discovery, TekStream developed a strategy for rehosting their documents on AWS’ Managed Service platform.

A limited budget for the project made securing AWS funding critical to the successful completion of this project. As an AWS Certified Migration Competency Partner, TekStream successfully secured $250,000 in AWS funding to help cover migration and implementation costs.

A subsidiary of a fast-growing quick service restaurant, Partnered with TekStream to Implement a Disaster Recovery Plan

A subsidiary is a critical vendor to a fast-growing restaurant’s supply chain. The subsidiary company partnered with TekStream to develop and implement a disaster recovery plan to mitigate the risk and impact of any natural disaster or cyberattack that could impact its ability to meet its supply commitment.

TekStream utilized AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) block-level replication to create a cloud-based system to back-up critical data without impacting system performance. This system runs continuously in the background of the subsidiary company’s operations. The data is then replicated in a low-cost staging area, ensuring the subsidiary company can recover critical data and systems within 72 hours of a disaster or attack. To help support the development of this plan, TekStream worked with AWS Proof-of-Concept Funding to secure a commitment of 15% of the initiative’s cost.

SGK Leveraged AWS To Automate Document Processing

SGK is a global leader in brand marketing and packaging production. Every day, SGK professionals would sort through thousands of packaging proofs across 20+ languages to support the production needs of their 1,500 worldwide clients. The legacy process relied on extensive manual labor that was time-intensive, prone to error, and costly.

TekStream AWS experts defined a new approach leveraging a suite of AWS tools to create an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that automated the extraction, translation, and cataloging of critical packaging information. The results included a 50% reduction in manual labor costs. Even better, TekStream was able to secure $25,000 in AWS funding to support the strategic implementation of this new IDP solution.

AWS Funding May Be Available for Your Next Project

We’ve found that one of the main reasons companies aren’t tapping into AWS funding is because they are unaware the funds are available, or they aren’t sure what projects will qualify to receive these funds. This is where a Certified AWS Migration Services Competency Partner like TekStream can help you navigate the options and gain maximum funding. If you are considering making a move to the cloud, we will show you how.

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