SGK Document Processing Solution

Leveraging Automation and Machine Learning for Global Packaging Leader

SGK, a global leader in packaging production and brand marketing, has helped many of the world’s greatest brands for over 75 years. With over 1,500 clients worldwide, SGK manages thousands of packaging printing proofs, which required an excessive amount of time translating, sorting, and searching. The labor-intensive process relied on human translators to translate proofs in over 20 languages into English to support reviews and workflows.

SGK needed to streamline these processes by automatically capturing, recording, and translating the information from packaging proofs. They turned to TekStream’s team of proven AWS professionals to design and implement a solution that leveraged automation and machine learning to deliver more accurate proofs, shorter processing times, and higher customer satisfaction.

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Technologies Involved


AWS Application Load Balancer
AWS CloudTrail
AWS CloudWatch
AWS Comprehend
AWS DynamoDB
AWS Fargate
AWS Lambda
AWS Textract
AWS Translate


Solution Objectives

With thousands of packaging proofs, manually searching for a specific proof was costly and time-consuming.

New workflows and automation would need to incorporate translated information from 20+ languages into English.

The solution would need to work across a variety of proof sizes and inconsistencies in packaging.

Working through TekStream’s proven in-depth discovery and needs assessment process, a suite of AWS tools that effectively addressed SGK’s
issues was identified. TekStream leveraged AWS to create an Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) solution that reviews printing proofs, extracts
and stores key information and recognizes and performs language translation as needed.

Key searchable data points were sent to a centralized platform where employees could easily search for the desired proof using a common language. Printing proofs were analyzed, translated, and information gathered despite the proof’s formatting, layout, and text alignment – a critical system needed given the varied sizes of the packaging proofs.

The TekStream IDP pilot processed over 20,000 existing printing proofs and then implemented automation to automatically translate and extract printer block details from an estimated 1,000 monthly new proof submissions. This new automated system reduces the time needed for manual review and confirmation of printing proofs, plus the automatic extraction of critical data now sets the stage for future innovation and capabilities to offer more intuitive services to their clients.

“TekStream’s partnership was critical in selecting and implementing an automated solution to streamline our printing proof workflows – and the $25,000 in AWS incentives they secured let us launch two months sooner than anticipated.”

– Manager, Cloud Architect, SGK

Key Successes

  • 50% increase in printing proof review processing
  • 75% accuracy in print block detail recognition and extraction
  • 85% accuracy in language translation services for multi-language packaging proofs
  • 50% reduction in manual labor required for review and processing
  • TekStream leveraged AWS MAP funding to secure $25k for production pilot costs

Industry: Packaging and Production

Number of Employees: 6,500

Location: Chicago, IL

SGK, a global leader in packaging production and brand marketing, has helped many of the world’s greatest brands for over 75 years.