Driving Growth by Leveraging AWS and Intelligent Document Processing

Your company is sitting on a potential gold mine of stored data. Tucked away on servers and cloud-based drives are the answers and insights you need to take your business to that next level of growth. Advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence have made it easier (and less expensive) to analyze this data through solutions like TekStream Intelligent Document Processing, or IDP*. Companies that leverage the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to support their needs, tying in IDP can have a fundamental impact on driving growth and securing a more profitable bottom-line.

What is Intelligent Document Processing?

Historically, the chief hurdle to analyzing this data is that much of this data is unstructured – composed of text-based files, reports, survey results, social media posts, notes, and random PDFs. Sifting through this quagmire was expensive and inefficient as it had to be done by hand.

That was the old way.

Fueled by natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML), these systems analyze text-based documentation (PDFs, notes, reports) to uncover insights. The machine-learning capabilities allow you to “teach” the AI how to read your specific documentation and guide its insight discovery.

How Intelligent Document Processing Can Benefit Your Enterprise Corporation

Enterprise companies are already tapping the power of AWS and TekStream’s IDP solution to garner essential insights into critical business functions. Regardless of industry vertical, businesses can use IDP to:

  • – Instantly search for information across multiple scanned documents, PDFs, images, reports, and stored text files.
  • – Redact critical information from documents and identify compliance threats in real-time.
  • – Digitize, store, and analyze customer feedback and request forms.
  • – Identify overarching communication trends and isolate specific messaging that can be used to improve the customer experience or marketing campaign.

And this is just the proverbial tip of the benefits iceberg. Through the machine learning aspect of ID{, you can tailor your use of this technology to identify and analyze the data sets that have the most impact on your business and bottom line.

Driving Intelligent Document Processing with AWS

As a certified AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we are excited to announce the launch of our new TekStream Intelligent Document Processing offering. Our new IDP tool integrates with the AWS platform to provide a structured process and streamlined toolset for implementing and managing an ongoing IDP initiative.

Through our new AWS IDP offering, brands can:

  • – Make previously inaccessible data actionable at scale.
  • – Automate tendencies but necessary business processes.
  • – Improve compliance and risk management.
  • – Identify opportunities to increase operational efficiency and reduced costs.

How TekStream IDP Works

Historically, analyzing sizeable unstructured data sets for actionable information has been a time-consuming and costly initiative. Most of the work had to be done manually – which can be both costly and inefficient.

Our new IDP offering leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with defined scope and direction, to increase the speed and accuracy for data discovery while eliminating much of the manual aspect of data mining.

Using machine-learning services like Amazon Textract and Amazon Rekognition, TekStream IDP inspects documents, images, and video (collectively called “files”), gathers key information and insights, and automatically stores these files logically to ensure easier access to critical information. Amazon Augmented AI (Amazon A2I) routes files requiring further review to content specialists and information managers to edit associated information, take corrective actions, and approve files for storage.

TekStream IDP relentlessly and automatically investigates content to find key insights and associations that might not be easily discovered by the naked eye. Users and administrators establish business rules defining what information is important, how it will be managed, and the storage rules for documents, images, forms, video files, and unstructured data. This ensures critical business facts and figures are available for business operations.

Built for Growth

Use these systems to gain a deeper understanding of internal and consumer audience sentiment around your brand or a specific product.

Analyzing your unstructured data sets is only part of the business growth equation. To achieve a true return on your investment and drive a noticeable impact on your bottom-line, you also need to transform your insights into actions. By leveraging serverless technologies like Amazon Lambda through our Intelligent Document Processing tool, administrators can create functions to call their own services for file conversions, reformatting, and many more to meet specific business criteria.

Start driving business growth today. TekStream has deep experience helping clients across multiple industries accelerate their digital transformation and begin leveraging the power of IDP to push their business forward. Reach out to us today to learn more about what TekStream IDP can do for your business.

Want to learn more about unlocking value from your unstructured data? Download our latest eBook, “How Cloud AI Unlocks Value from Unstructured Data and Content.”

*Intelligent Document Processing may also be referred to as Document Understanding.