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Unlock Observability: 3 Ways Splunk Observability Cloud Works with AWS to Improve Your Monitoring Capabilities

According to the numbers, there are over 1,000,000 active AWS customers. In fact, there is a good chance that, like Netflix, Facebook, and LinkedIn, you, too, are using Amazon Web Services to support all or a portion of your cloud-based platforms and systems. Cloud technologies like AWS provide a host of benefits including scalability, cost-efficiencies, and reliability. But the very nature of cloud processing also introduces new layers of complexity. […]

The 7-Point Checklist for Integrating Splunk Observability Cloud into Your AWS Environment

So, you have decided that it is time to say goodbye to outdated legacy monitoring systems. You are tired of relying on systems that only analyze samples of data. Ones that cannot keep up with the speed of your AWS environment (those containers do spin up and spin down quickly after all). It is time to embrace a new solution that can provide your team with the critical insights and support needed to promptly identify, triage, and resolve behavioral abnormalities – […]

TekStream Recognized in 2021 Splunk Global and Regional Partner Awards

TekStream Named 2021 Global Services Partner of the Year and AMER Professional Services Partner of the Year for Outstanding Performance   TekStream today announced it has received the 2021 Global Services Partner of the Year and 2021 AMER Professional Services Partner of the Year awards for exceptional performance and commitment to Splunk’s Partner+ Program. The […]

JSON Structured Data & the SEDCMD in Splunk

By: Khristian Pena | Splunk Consultant     Have you worked with structured data that is not following its structure? Maybe your JSON data has a syslog header. Maybe your field values have an extra quote, colon, or semicolon and your application team cannot remediate the issue. Today, we’re going to discuss a powerful tool […]

Custom Document Security in Oracle WebCenter Portal 12c

By: Greg Becker | Splunk Consultant, Team Lead   During a recent project, a customer had business units that had a requirement to provide more granular security in the Documents hierarchy than the out-of-the-box WebCenter Portal 12c product can accommodate. For this project, we used the security features that are available within WebCenter Content using […]

Splunk KvStore Migration

By: Christopher Winarski | Splunk Consultant and Bruce Johnson | Director, Enterprise Security   Migrating your Splunk environment can be a daunting task to some. With the worry of missing valuable data. Did my users’ settings migrate properly? Did all my applications migrate properly? Did all my lookup tables survive the migration? If you find yourself […]

How to Set Up Splunk DB Connect to Connect to Multiple MSSQL Databases and Some Tips & Tricks

By: Jon Walthour |Team Lead, Senior Splunk Consultant   Over the years, I have found one tried and true method for getting Splunk connected to multiple Microsoft SQL Server instances spread across a corporate network—connect to Windows from Windows. That is to say, run the DB Connect application from Splunk on a Splunk Enterprise Heavy […]