Ensuring Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery Solution Gives Leading Restaurant Chain Peace of Mind

A subsidiary of a fast-growing restaurant chain is a critical vendor and plays a vital role in its supply chain. The company is responsible for crafting and supplying the restaurant chain with lemon juice used in its lemonade. With more than 2,900+ locations nationwide, any data loss or system downtime at the subsidiary company would have a ripple effect across the supply chain — impacting revenue and profitability.

Preparing for disasters is central to the subsidiary company’s focus because its facility is located near the San Andreas Fault where earthquakes, fires and mudslides prove to be a considerable risk to its operations. To mitigate the risk of natural disasters or cyberattacks, the subsidiary company partnered with TekStream to develop and implement a disaster recovery plan to limit downtime and accelerate process and system recovery.

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Technologies Involved

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Services (DRS)

AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Services (DRS)
Amazon CloudWatch
AWS Transit Gateway

AWS Advanced Tier Services

Key Pain Points

Any disruption in business flow and supply chain could result in significant revenue losses for the restaurant chain.

The disaster recovery solution could not be dependent on physical data center locations.

The solution had to interface directly with the subsidiary company’s plan operations which are managed through a complex configuration of Manufacturing Execution Software (MES).

Through TekStream’s in-depth discovery and needs analysis, we identified Amazon Web Services (AWS) Elastic Disaster Recovery Services (DRS) as the preferred platform to support the subsidiary company’s business continuity goals. Working with the subsidiary company, TekStream developed a disaster recovery plan and implementation that leveraged cloud-based AWS DRS to eliminate the need for and risks of physical data centers.

TekStream utilized AWS DRS’s block-level data replication to back-up critical data without impacting system performance. AWS DRS runs continuously in the background of the subsidiary company’s operations, ensuring all restoration points are continually updated without manual oversight or system reboots.

At the same time, continuous data replication to a low-cost staging area in AWS reduced the subsidiary company’s compute and storage footprint to a minimum, providing greater cost efficiencies while delivering enhanced recovery support.

This solution improved the subsidiary company’s resilience to potential disasters and attacks and empowered its IT and security team to restore any lost, stolen or corrupted data quickly. This keeps downtime to a minimum, protecting company revenue and eliminating potential supply chain disruptions.

“Should a natural disaster, ransomware or other unforeseen outage occur, our organization has better protected business continuity with AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery Services (DRS).”

— Director of IT, Leading Restaurant Chain Subsidiary

Key Successes

  • Recovery time of critical systems in less than 72 hours.
  • Continuous, automatic updates of critical recovery points.
  • Can now spin up the subsidiary company’s servers in AWS in less than two hours from the time of an outage
  • Improved peace of mind through reliable snapshot recovery for security breaches, ransomware attacks, and natural disasters.

Category: Food and Beverage

Product/Services: Dedicated Food Manufacturer

Revenue: $64 Billion (2022)

Number of Locations: 2,900+

A subsidiary of a fast-growing restaurant chain is a critical vendor and plays a vital role in its supply chain.