Expertise as a Service (EaaS) Enables Georgia Technology Authority to Provide Technical Leadership to State

TekStream AWS Expertise

Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) exists to ensure that Georgia’s state agencies are tech-enabled. It manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to 89 Executive Branch agencies and provides managed network services to more than 1,200 state and local government agencies.

Under a directive from Georgia’s Governor, GTA was responsible for migrating state workloads from the on-premises data center to the cloud. GTA selected TekStream as its partner of choice for this massive transition based on TekStream’s track record of success and deep AWS expertise.

Once the portal application, one of many workloads, migration project was completed, the organization realized it had another challenge: day two support. Knowing the difficulty in finding and retaining top AWS talent, GTA wanted to continue using TekStream’s thought leadership while also allowing other state agencies to tap into their expertise.

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Technologies Involved



AWS Advanced Tier Services

Project Requirements

Identify improvements to computing environments by optimizing AWS applications.

Enable all state and local agencies to access TekStream EaaS on demand.

Develop ongoing roadmap of AWS improvements, ensuring all systems operate at optimal capacity.

Assist state agencies in planning and migrating new workloads into AWS Cloud infrastructure.

GTA decided to explore TekStream EaaS to:

  • Provide additional Cloud native support services to state and local agencies
  • Increase capacity for ongoing support issue resolution
  • Empower state and local agencies to drive cloud initiatives with strategy, planning and execution guidance from AWS experts

EaaS enables GTA to ensure access to AWS expertise on demand and make it accessible to all of Georgia’s Executive Branch agencies. Executive Branch agencies looking to solve cloud-based problems, obtain training to analyze workload migrations, modernize existing AWS workloads or perform the actual migration can now do so with the EaaS team.

GTA, with TekStream AWS expertise on retainer, has reduced the overall complexity of managing enterprise applications and brought down the number of vendors that state agencies would otherwise have to use. The introduction of the EaaS team has also made the organization and its customers more agile and efficient while attaining additional cost savings through AWS funding programs.

The TekStream EaaS team has since worked with a large cross-section of agencies, including:

  • Department of Public Health
  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Department of Driver Services
  • Department of Community Health
  • Department of Administrative Services
  • Georgia Bureau of Investigation
  • State Accounting Office of Georgia

By combining the expertise of the AWS-certified team at TekStream in developing solutions that secure AWS MAP funds with EaaS, GTA is better positioned to achieve its mission of providing technology leadership and sound IT enterprise management to the state of Georgia.

“TekStream EaaS has empowered us to better fulfill our mission to provide sound IT management to the State of Georgia. Now all of our 89 Executive Branch agencies can access AWS expertise on demand to optimize, improve and maximize the use of AWS to successfully meet agency and citizen needs.”

— Chuck Robinson Georgia Technology Authority

Key Successes

  • Completed several projects across several state and local entities.
  • Ongoing support for all GETS and executive branch agencies on an as needed basis.
  • Scaled EaaS program and portal application capabilities.
  • Identified opportunities to leverage AWS’s funding program to obtain hundreds of thousands in cost savings.

Customer: Georgia Technology Authority

Industry: State Government Agency

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

Annual Budget: $51,230,000

Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) provides technology leadership to the State of Georgia for sound IT enterprise management, ensuring state agencies and entities are tech-enabled.