Saving Time and Improving Performance with TekStream Intelligent Document Processing

Automation Transforms Court Reporting for Major County’s Department of Family and Children Services


As one of the largest Departments of Family and Children Services (DFCS) in the US, the department was working with an outdated court processing system that required their team to manually identify the correct cover sheets, assemble court packets, and then scan those packets into a document management system. This time-intensive approach proved inefficient at meeting the increasing court processing demands of the department.

The DFCS organization tasked TekStream with the challenge of automating their document management process to help them save time, reduce cost, and improve efficiency. TekStream’s expert team defined an automated solution and applied TekStream Intelligent Document Processing to meet the DFCS organization’s unique challenges.

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Technologies Involved


TekStream Intelligent Document Processing Solution


AWS Textract
AWS Rekognition
AWS Augmented AI

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Key Pain Points

The department’s complex sorting requirements were daunting: 72 court documents and 9 main hearing types.

Legacy system required individual social workers identify the correct forms needed before manually assembling the court packet and then passing to a clerk to scan.

The manual aspects of the current system made it unable to scale without hiring additional staff.

Based on TekStream’s discovery and mapping initiatives, the team defined a detailed implementation strategy and roadmap for the new system. The solution combined cloud-based scanning with leading artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies from AWS which automatically categorizes and sorts the documents. The result makes the documents searchable using a simple free word search to provide users fast access to the PDF they need.

The new solution now enables social workers to quickly scan and upload documents without any of the previous manual processes. This lowers the costs of creating a packet and most importantly, saves time on errors. The automated solution minimizes the delays of delivering court reports which results in less sanctions and hearing postponements.

With over 50,000 court reports filed yearly, that equals over $1.2 million in annual cost savings.

TekStream Intelligent Document Processing enables the DFCS organization to data-mine rich information found in the court reports to identify repeating patterns and key insights. They use the findings from the data analysis to allow for data-driven decision making which ultimately enhances child safety and supports the organization’s overarching mission.

“We’re thrilled with TekStream’s work. Our previous process required case workers to spend a great deal of time sorting, tagging, and prepping reports and documentation for submission which took time away from the children and families that they are supporting. By allowing automation to do the heavy lifting, we can spend more time meeting the needs of the children.”

— Major County DFCS

Key Successes

  • TekStream implemented Intelligent Document Processing to automate the DFCS organization’s former manual processes.
  • The new solution saves over 32,000 labor hours per year.
  • 30 minutes x 2,000 agents are saved in preparing reports.
  • With over 50,000 court reports filed yearly, that equals over $1.2 million in annual cost savings.

Department of Family and Children Services

Industry: Public Sector

Employees: Nearly 9,000 employees across 20 regional offices and specialized bureaus

One of the largest Departments of Family and Children Services (DFCS) in the US.