TekStream RPO for a Top Financial Institution

In Three Months, TekStream RPO Successfully Staffed More Than 120 Positions

About the Client 

Delivering reliable and affordable sources of mortgage financing solutions has been the mission of this top financial institution since 1938. It has been able to meet its commitment by acquiring mortgage loans made by lenders and then issuing guaranteed mortgage-backed securities (MBS) that attract investors. As a result, the company has removed a major barrier to homeownership, helping millions of households rent, buy or refinance a home.

The Situation 

The client was seeking a solution that would facilitate keeping up with its yearly commitment to sourcing talent as part of its college recruitment program. It sought the help of a partner to supplement and support its internal recruiting team’s candidate outreach and expediting the process to meet its hiring goal within three months.

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Technologies Involved


By delivering comprehensive human resources and recruiting support, TekStream alleviated the administrative burden on the client’s recruiters, enhancing overall efficiency.

Extended 120+ offers across various fields like accounting, finance, auditing, software engineering, business analysts, computer science and more

Migrated data from one database to another

Initiated and processed 100+ background checks within the timeframe of start dates

Processed 100+ I9s and verified backgrounds within established start dates

TekStream was selected as the client’s preferred talent provider due to prior experience working with similar organizations on college recruiting efforts and TekStream’s familiarity with internal programs, systems and nuances. Once engaged, TekStream worked with the client to determine the processes and set the measurement for success.

After the hiring program requirements were determined, TekStream moved forward, providing full life cycle recruiting support for its programs, from sourcing to vetting to creating and extending offers and administrative support. For sourcing, TekStream developed a comprehensive strategy to identify potential interns and associates that met the desired qualifications.

The strategy involved using online job boards, social media platforms, professional networks and career fairs to fill the client’s talent pipeline.

TekStream also helped in setting up the evaluation and interview processes that included:

  • Scheduling 30+ interviews a day using Microsoft Teams
  • Coordinating travel, lodging, transportation and logistic support for the day of the interview
  • Educating candidates on role, expectations and benefits package
  • Performing ongoing data entry, tracking resumes and maintaining resume database in the
    application tracking systems (ATS)
  • Consolidating notes, feedback and observations in a centralized location

Once candidates made it through the evaluation phase, TekStream worked with the recruiting team to craft the offer letters, conduct background checks and facilitate the onboarding process to ensure a seamless transition.

“TekStream became an integral part of the team. They set up recruitment strategies and identified opportunities to streamline our talent acquisition processes so that we could meet our hiring requirements on time and on budget. They will now be part of our shortlist to help meet similar hiring surges in the future.”

– Talent Acquisition, Campus Recruiting Manager

Key Successes

  • 120+ hires within 3 months
  • 100+ background checks completed within start dates
  • 100+ I9s processed within start date timeframe

About the Company

Location: Washington, DC

Industry: Banking

Employees: 8,000

Annual Revenue: $29.9 Billion

Delivering reliable and affordable sources of mortgage financing solutions has been the mission of this top financial institution since 1938.