TekStream Becomes #1 Recruiting Vendor for Healthcare Technology Company

Initially focused on integrated claims processing for national clients, this leading healthcare provider now offers robust digital healthcare solutions for benefit provider plans. Their foundational administrative
platform and commitment to collaboration and innovation have driven their success, enabling the company to process over 300 million claims annually.

The company needed help filling several hard-to-fill roles. To accomplish this goal, it wanted to add a recruiting partner with a local presence who understood traditional technology skillsets to its preferred vendor list.

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TekStream Recruiting


TekStream was initially selected to support the company’s talent acquisition process and sourcing strategy for several hard-to-fill roles as a tier 2 vendor. Under the initial engagement, TekStream helped the company with:

  • Security/IDM
  • SharePoint
  • ETL Development
  • HIPAA Implementations
  • Database Administration
  • Instructional Design
  • BPM/Pega
  • Administrative Operational Support
  • Project Management/Business Analysis Consulting

Recognizing the value of TekStream’s recruiters and their expertise in specific technical competencies and related technologies, the company extended its
partnership with TekStream to include:

  • An account manager to handle all client communications while managing the delivery efforts of the internal sourcing team to ensure established pipelines for potential openings
  • A resource manager to ensure that necessary onboarding, compliance and employee training were addressed, in addition to maintaining consistent communication with deployed consultants
  • A reporting specialist to oversee consultant documentation, client master reports and background requirement reporting

TekStream is definitely a “Recruiting Partner” in the true meaning of the word. They quickly rose to be our #1 vendor and filled several of our more challenging roles.

– Talent Acquisition, Senior Talent Consultant


TekStream’s tailored approach to the company’s challenges resulted in a promotion to tier 1 vendor status. The consistent performance in sourcing, compliance and resource contribution demonstrated TekStream’s value as a vendor and a strategic partner well-versed in filling challenging roles. Since working with the healthcare company, TekStream has deployed more than 55 consultants. TekStream has also maintained its #1 vendor status for several years, which is reported quarterly.

About the Company

Location: Atlanta, GA

Industry: Healthcare Technology

Employees: 1,000

Annual Revenue: $500 Million

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