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Case Study

Case Study

Mainframe to AWS Migration for Fleetcor

Customer: Fleetcor

Industry: Financial Services

Business Pain: Fleetcor was faced with an upcoming data center closure that housed a legacy application residing on Mainframes. The functionality of these applications was to be migrated to AWS. 

Fleetcor had an application that was housed on a Mainframe that was in a datacenter that was facing closure. This application provided the ability to collect payments and report on payment status. Fleetcor took this opportunity to modernize their application and to leverage AWS’s services. 

How we fixed it: The functionality of this application uses AWS RDS Postrgres, Lambda, Ec2, ECS, IAM and possibly other AWS services such as Code Pipeline, Code Deploy, Cloud9, Direct Connect, etc.

Oracle Goldengate will provide a method to access legacy databases and sync with RDS. From there, the API gateway will accept connections from the Internet and allow the processing of payments. etc.

Technology Involved: AWS RDS Postrgres, Lambda, Ec2, ECS, IAM 

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