Oracle Ravello Cloud Services

Seamlessly Migrate and Deploy Your Workloads to the Cloud with Oracle’s Ravello Cloud Services

Traditional on-premise applications and workloads gain new usability and higher returns in cloud-based infrastructure technologies and environments. Oracle Ravello Cloud Services allow you to seamlessly deploy your existing VMware or KVM-based datacenter workloads on Oracle Public Cloud, AWS, or
Google Cloud as-is, without any modification to the VMs, network, or storage. You get on-demand and cost-effective scale for agile dev/test processes without the issues that are typically associated with these deployments.

About TekStream’s Oracle Ravello Services

TekStream Solutions specializes in Oracle IaaS implementations, including Oracle’s Ravello Cloud Services. We have completed over 250 on premise and cloud-based deployments and will provide you with a proven methodology and roadmap to efficiently complete your cloud migration.

Many companies fear migrating to the cloud, assuming the transition will seriously disrupt production and efficiency.

TekStream’s certified Oracle engineers make switching to the cloud as painless and minimally disruptive as possible. By working with your IT team to understand your current functionality and needs, we will ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible and that your Oracle Ravello Cloud solution matches your current processes perfectly. We make sure that you don’t have to change a thing when you migrate to the cloud.

The Ravello deployments we enable will provide you with cutting-edge features and key technologies for improved performance and maximum ROI. Ravello’s nested virtualization and networking overlay technology allow you to deploy data center-based VMware and KVM workloads on Oracle Public Cloud, AWS, and Google with a couple of clicks.

You’ll benefit from overall improved functionality, including:

  • Lift and Shift— Ravello’s cloud-enabled hypervisor, HVX, enables rapid deployment of virtualized VMware and KVM workloads to public clouds without any network or storage reconfiguration. Ravello fully encapsulates the DC-based virtualized application, which means it can be moved from on-premises data centers to public clouds using an intuitive UI simply by pointing and clicking.
  • Increased Agility— Business needs and requirements are perpetually evolving. You need multiple copies of production applications for development testing, staging, UAT, and other vital functions and processes. Ravello allows your business to run DC-based apps on public clouds “as-is,” reducing transfer time and deployment delay. You can even rapidly deploy multiple high- fidelity clones of this environment in any cloud using Ravello’s innovative blueprinting capability.
  • Reduced Costs— After moving VMware workloads to Ravello, you’ll save on the CapEx and OpEx costs associated with licensing, running, supporting, and managing a DC. Even retesting costs can be significantly reduced by using Ravello when migrating from on-premises environments to the cloud, since no elements of the environment change.