Managed Services

Get the Most Out of Liferay With TekStream’s Liferay Managed Services

Many organizations have adopted Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform to better engage with employees, vendors, and partners but fear they lack the in-house resources to implement and maintain it. In many cases, organizations feel that they are not getting the most out of their investment, again due to a lack of in-house resources or deep knowledge of the power that Liferay’s Digital Experience Platform brings to their organization. TekStream’s years of experience with enterprise Experience platforms along with our deep partnership with Liferay and knowledge of its Digital Experience Platform, mixed with our years of managing enterprise applications through Managed Services for our customers, helps to support and drive the success of our clients in their Digital Experience endeavors.

About TekStream’s Liferay Managed Services

As a Liferay Partner, TekStream is committed to working with our clients to create an approach and architecture that fits both their immediate and future needs. TekStream blends business consulting and technical implementation expertise to help companies manage the massive and ever-expanding volumes of content and internet-based services that modern enterprises work with. More importantly, we help companies find new ways to leverage those assets to fuel innovation, improve customer relationships, and reduce costs as they look towards the next 5 to 10 years of growth. Our Liferay Managed Services solutions are customized to fit each client’s needs and can include:

  • Business Strategy and Design Services
  • Enterprise Content Management Solutions
  • Enterprise Collaboration and Social Networking Solutions
  • Enterprise Portal Solutions
  • Information Technology and Technical Recruiting
  • Managed Services and Support
  • Business and Technical Training
As a Liferay consulting firm, TekStream has a unique and entrepreneurial culture. Our company was built by individuals who are fanatically driven to exceed client expectations and work in tandem with our clients and partners to deliver results.