Enterprise IDP is Fast-Growing QSR’s Recipe for Efficient Expansion

One of the most loved and fastest-growing quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in the United States was facing an exponentially increasing volume of documents and data processing demands. With year-over-year revenue growth estimated at 35%, the company needed more efficient and scalable processes for handling documents ranging from receipts and invoices to photos and video. Enter TekStream’s Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Solution.

IDP is a broadly defined method of using today’s expanding artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to automatically handle data, paperwork, photos and files that tend to be processed manually. For this restaurant brand, corporate departments and business units will achieve time and cost savings by replacing existing manual processes with IDP as well as leveraging it for new challenges and business opportunities.

IDP offers individual departments the ability to achieve efficiencies unique to their business processes that also can scale enterprise wide.

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Technologies Involved


TekStream IDP Solution powered by AWS


AWS Athena
AWS Cognito
AWS DynamoDB
AWS Lambda
AWS Textract


Key Pain Points

Reduce time-consuming and manual work of processing documents of various types across the organization.

Enterprise-wide solution to support a broad range of business unit-specific objectives and requirements.

Leverage the company’s existing technology investments to provide a cost-effective solution that will scale easily.

TekStream deployed its IDP infrastructure on the client’s environment, with no limit to the scope or number of outputs and functions it handles. It utilizes AI to automate document processing for business documents and files such as forms, receipts, invoices and other documents by combining Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to read and understand a document and extract specific terms or words. Using AI can help users discover insights in documents and allows for faster document processing with higher accuracy.

Now that deployment has occurred, TekStream can quickly determine the level of effort and provide quick turnaround on specifications whenever an IDP candidate project is identified. The department doesn’t need to requisition a new software application and wait for approval. IDP provides the business leads, project managers and operations teams with key resources and instructions that will help them leverage trustworthy sources of knowledge that
are regularly improved to identify IDP use cases, manage and operate the IDP technology, and provide guidance for ongoing IDP operations and enhancements.

For example, one department wished to reduce the manual complexity of submitting invoices and expenses for repayment by the store operators. Through IDP, store operators can scan and upload invoices, have IDP automatically validate the vendor to be paid and collect required information necessary in the reimbursement process while reducing the amount of time and manual processing normally needed for these operations. As a result, reimbursements to the store operators require less effort and are completed faster and more accurately.

TekStream IDP provides autonomy and empowerment to any team in need of a process or budgetary solution within their department. The company becomes more agile when growth depends upon reliable and efficient internal processes that support expansion efforts.

The new digital learning platform achieves the client’s vision of an efficient, intuitive, rolebased learning experience.

Key Successes

  • Established IDP support for sensitive data in accordance with PII, PHI and HIPAA standards based on future business requirements.
  • Ensured seamless transition and business continuity with provided playbook featuring IDP architecture documents, lifecycle management, security standards and guidelines.
  • Leveraged existing AWS platform to build and deploy the IDP solution.

About the Customer

Customer: One of the most loved and fastest-growing quick-service restaurant (QSR) chains in the United States

HQ: Atlanta, GA

Revenue: $6.4 billion (2022)

Number of Locations: 2,800+