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Case Study

Case Study: QGenda AWS Premium Support

Customer: QGenda

Industry: Health Services

Business Pain: is market leading physician scheduling solution, along with deep specialty experience and unique customer success model, are why small practices to the largest health systems select QGenda to help them optimize provider performance.

How we fixed it: TekStream has been engaged as the preferred partner to help QGenda improve and manage their AWS infrastructure which is the underlying engine supporting the application, some of the services we have provided to QGenda include:

B2B Connection Hub: An infrastructure as code solution to facilitate the connectivity and consumption of the QGenda API services from multiple On-Premise datacenters of its customers, via secured connections managed using AWS VPN, AWS Transit Gateway and best practices of networking and security.

Well Architected Reviews: As part of our premium support engagement, we conduct regular reviews of the AWS systems focusing on the AWS 5 pillars guidelines for Architecture and best practices, ensuring the best implementation AWS tools and services focusing on security, reliability, performance, operations, and cost.
Custom solutions like automation of the join and removal of managed instances to the centralized Active Directory system, which is required for PCI compliance, using Auto Scaling Groups, and Lambda functions.
The key driver of the engagement is not to deliver a single project/solution, but to become a technical partner that can enable innovation and best practices in the cloud adoption journey of QGenda, while allowing them to focus on their business.

Technology involved : AWS EC2, Directory Service, Auto-scaling Groups, VPC, Transit Gateways, VPN, Lambda, Systems Manager, SNS, CloudTrail | MS SQL Server Always On | Terraform