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Case Study

Arke Improves Operational Monitoring with Splunk Cloud

Customer: ARKE Systems

Industry: IT Services

Business Pain: Arke is a marketing technology company focused on providing sophisticated customer experience management and digital asset management solutions for their clients. They link together CRM, email, and sales lead tracking systems, leveraging Sitecore digital asset management to optimize customer experience interactions and providing managed services in that context. They needed to improve operational monitoring and triage effectiveness leveraging a Splunk Cloud based solution.

Key pain points:

  • Inability to pinpoint RCA for key application or infrastructure failure in a timely manner
  • Logs that were challenging to access and had differing retention models
  • No centralized monitoring of various customer environments
  • Inability to be proactive about outages – forced to rely on customer complaints
  • Limited operational staff allocated to operational monitoring and management
  • Need to increase stability of their solution, particularly around key application components.
  • Need to establish feedback loop on stability back to development

How we fixed it: TekStream stood up a deployment environment as well as configuring Splunk Cloud with customized operational monitoring, custom dashboards, and a customized application to ingest Sitecore logs within two weeks. We also provided scripts to automate provisioning for customer environments as new customers were brought on board

Technology Involved : Splunk Cloud

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