Inspyrus 3.0: Faster, Better, and in the Cloud

Inspyrus’ Invoice Automation product recently released version 3.0 with a slew of new features that continues to make an excellent product even better.  This new release comes with over 30 new features and a 10x increase in performance which makes a solid product even faster.  Here is a brief list of some of the top new features released in 3.0.

Inspyrus Routing Engine

One of the biggest changes to the product has been the introduction of their own routing engine.  By replacing Oracle BPM with their own engine, Inspyrus was able to improve the speed and stability of routing invoices while also making it easier to configure.

Supplier Central

Inspyrus can now retrieve vendor contact information from the ERP system to make it easier to enable new vendors.  But that is not all!  Because Inspyrus has access to vendor contact information, the product can also send the vendor an invitation to join Supplier Central.

Mobile App

The Inspyrus mobile app continues to improve and provide additional functionality.  For example, coders now have the ability to enter charge account, project coding (EBS), or cost factor (JDE) information from the app.

Forms Recognition

The heart of any good AP solution is automation.  In order to improve the success of Oracle Forms Recognition, Inspyrus continues to make several improvements to the Inspyrus extraction engine to improve accuracy.

Inspyrus continues to make under-the-cover improvements in order to ensure stability and increased speed.  They have switched cloud providers in order to improve stability and scale.  These new features prove that Inspyrus will continue to improve their product in terms of features, speed, and ease of use.  And with release 3.1, Inspyrus will begin to use ML (Machine Learning) in order to determine how to code an invoice based on previous coding done for that vendor.  We cannot wait to see what other features they have in store for 3.1!

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