Companies Are Missing Out on Free Money from AWS

AWS is currently offering a range of funding programs to incentivize companies of almost any size or phase to shift workloads to AWS. Their goal is to help businesses accelerate their adoption of AWS while enabling them to focus on innovation instead of trying to cover infrastructure and implementation costs.  

That’s right: AWS will provide funding for your company and will cover a significant portion of the cost to plan and migrate your workloads. And these totals could reach hundreds of thousands – or even millions – of dollars over multi-year migrations.  

Shockingly, many qualifying companies aren’t leveraging these programs. My guess is that they don’t know they exist, or they don’t know how to navigate the application processes.   

Here’s an overview of the program highlights as well as some tips on how to get started.  

Will AWS Really Pay Me to Move to AWS?  

Yes, really! Here’s how it works:  

Through the AWS Funding Programs, qualified AWS migration plans are eligible to receive funds or credits to cover a portion of their project costs. The exact amount of cash or credits received is dependent on the specifics of each project and AWS’s projected annual recurring revenue (ARR) within the first 12 months of each project’s completion.  

One of the most extensive AWS funding programs is the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP).  It offers funding for cloud migration and modernization projects intended to reduce costs and break down the complexities of enterprise migrations. In addition to MAP, AWS offers funding to cover new proof-of-concept projects and repeatable ISV Workload Migration Program (WMP) Projects.  

Why Aren’t More Businesses Using These Funds? 

It may be because they aren’t aware of the opportunity. 

The AWS Funding Program was built to reduce the risk and financial burden of AWS migration and modernization efforts, while building confidence in the AWS platform. Understanding this mindset makes it a clear no-brainer for any company considering a migration to AWS.  

Do the AWS Funding Programs Cover Every Project?  

 AWS Funding programs provide businesses and organizations access to tools and resources to successfully move to an AWS cloud environment.   

AWS Funding is available for:  

  • • Migration Acceleration Programs 
  • • Proof-of-Concept Initiatives  
  • • ISV Workload Migration Programs for Microsoft, Oracle, and Splunk Migrations 

Essentially, you want to develop a proof of concept to prove in an AWS migration, or if you’re ready to embrace AWS and ways to budget your transition costs, then you should be tapping into these funds. There is no reason to shoulder 100% of the costs on your own. 

How Do You Get Started? 

First, you need to have a project that meets AWS’s specific funding requirements. You’ll also need to complete the work with a certified AWS Partner, like TekStream 

Not only will TekStream help you scope and execute your project to align with project funding requirements, but we also provide post-migration support to ensure a seamless AWS migration. Don’t leave your money on the table.

If you are ready to learn more about how to gain maximum AWS funding for your workload migrations, give TekStream a call at Call us at 844-TEK-STRM to discuss your specific needs and determine if you qualify for AWS funding support.