Learn to Maximize the Functionality and ROI of Your New Technologies through Customized Training

The biggest hurdle to successful integration of new enterprise software is a confused or uninformed staff. Our custom training solutions ensure that your team fully understands your new software and can leverage it effectively, saving you time and money during the transition.

TekStream’s custom AWS, Inspyrus, Liferay and Splunk training courses are specifically targeted to your unique business reality. TekStream’s expert consultants will teach your team how to best use your new technology, including all the best options for each vital business process. Our training solutions provide both in-person and virtual training options designed to empower your administrators, developers, and users so they can hit the ground running.

All sessions are taught by TekStream’s most experienced professional service implementers. Their experience in designing, deploying, and supporting AWS, Inspyrus, Liferay and Splunk technologies allows them to impart invaluable practical insights throughout the training experience. In addition, we provide our training services in a wide variety of custom formats. We adapt to your needs, leveraging rapid-education techniques to minimize the disruption to operations that training can sometimes create. Administrative classes range three to four days. Development classes last four days, and end-user classes typically last just one or two days.

TekStream’s custom training courses focus on practical application of your new technologies above all else. All classes combine hands-on labs with theoretical discovery to ensure that students put their new knowledge to the test. TekStream also provides ongoing support to help organizations that have already been through training to keep up-to-date on the newest features in their software.

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