TekStream Oracle PaaS (Platform as a Service)Training Services

Learn the latest in cutting-edge Oracle PaaS technologies in TekStream’s custom PaaS training courses

The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) concept has been around for awhile now, but new applications develop so rapidly that it is often hard to keep up.  TekStream Solutions’s PaaS training programs give you the knowledge and skills to get maximize a new implementation and then keep you up-to-date with the technologies as they change. You won’t miss a step with our Oracle PaaS training. Moreover, TekStream’s training solutions provide both in-person and virtual courses designed to empower your administrators, developers, and users on the power of Oracle’s PaaS technologies.

About Our Oracle PaaS Training Services:

TekStream’s PaaS training solutions provide both in-person and virtual trainings for administrators, developers, and end-users on how use Oracle Process Cloud Services and Oracle Content and Experience Cloud. In each class, we teach participants to best leverage cutting-edge PaaS technologies within their roles.  Depending on the depth of use, classes will be different lengths. Administrative classes range from two to three days, while development classes usually last four days. End-user courses can typically be completed in just half a day.

Our PaaS training classes include:

  • Structured and ad hoc course curriculums
  • On-Premise and remote training capabilities
  • Certified trainers with hands-on implementation experience
  • Hands-on labs designed for each course to ensure students put new knowledge to work right away
  • Follow-up trainings to ensure organizations keep up-to-date on new features in their Oracle software as they are released
  • Access to training resources onsite at your location or via remote classrooms

Not all Oracle PaaS trainings are equal. Far too many are facilitated by trainers who do not fully understand the product as it’s currently best used because they no longer use PaaS technologies in real-life situations. TekStream’s training teams implement and use PaaS software every day. In fact, all our trainers are chosen from the very best of our professional service implementers, some of whom likely implemented your custom PaaS software configuration. Their experience in designing, deploying, and supporting Oracle PaaS technologies provides invaluable insights to supplement your software training needs.

TekStream Solutions offers cutting-edge Oracle PaaS trainings that are always customized to fit the needs of your company. We leverage your current resources to train you on best practices that work for your specific implementation. Never worry about getting irrelevant or outdated information during our trainings. We design a set of courses for the exact needs of your organization.