Oracle BPM

Build more effective, agile processes using Oracle’s Enterprise Business Process Management solutions

Today’s organizations face more business pressures than ever due to increased globalization, ever-changing competition, stricter regulation, faster innovation, and rising demand for better customer service. Trends in mobile, social, Cloud, and analytics have a profound impact on a company’s core business processes. Businesses must be able to deliver driven and rapid process automation, seamless collaboration among all stakeholders, deep insights for better business decisions, unprecedented agility, and operational excellence. The Oracle Business Process Management Suite (Oracle BPM) provides a comprehensive, robust platform to enable intelligent and adaptive business processes for both structured automated flows, and dynamic collaborative case management. TekStream helps you leverage Oracle BPM Suite to own your processes, improve user experience, and enable effective collaboration.

About Our Oracle Business Process Management Services:

TekStream’s expert Oracle consultants quickly team with your business and technical teams to optimize your business processes and take advantage of the key solution capabilities of Oracle BPM. Our proven QuickStream methodology rapidly identifies functional and non-functional requirements, prioritizes requirement implementation, formulates a solution leveraging industry-leading Business Process Management (BPM) technologies, and provides a thorough, step-by-step phased implementation plan. To learn more about QuickStream, view our detailed datasheet to help decide if our Oracle BPM services are right for you.

Solutions to Typical Business Challenges

TekStream understands how quickly changing business needs can make your business processes obsolete. A poor or lagging response to these changes is a costly and time-consuming mistake to make. When you have Oracle BPM, you can better adapt to these disruptions in real-time, avoiding a costly headache later. Oracle BPM can also help you avoid duplicate processes by identifying areas of overlap and ensuring uniform adaptation across business units. You can even reduce your dependence on IT departments to innovate business processes when BPM has been implemented effectively. Reduce your infrastructure costs and increase efficiencies with business processes that span Cloud and Hybrid Cloud applications with a single, integrated platform for them all.

How TekStream Can Help

TekStream helps companies with the 4 S’s of BPM implementation: providing Services, managing Support, procuring Software, and Sourcing talent for the leading Business Process Management platform, Oracle BPM. We are recognized by Oracle as a nationally-preferred partner due to our extensive IT experience, knowledge of the Oracle BPM platform, and our long track record of successfully delivering tangible business results to clients. This consistent commitment to building long-term client relationships, plus a dedication to quality and ROI, is why our clients choose TekStream as their guide into the world of enterprise business process management.

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