Oracle Compute Implementation Services

TekStream and Oracle Compute lift your computing infrastructure to the Cloud

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) enables businesses to reduce the effort, resources required, expense, and risk of maintaining and running their infrastructure in-house by leveraging the Oracle Cloud. TekStream’s experienced certified implementation experts help you build rapidly provisioned virtual computing environments to easily migrate workloads and run them at scale. Our extensive knowledge of Oracle Compute ensures virtual machines meet your infrastructure needs and easily scale as you grow.

About Our Oracle Compute Implementation Services:

Virtual machines simply work more smoothly in the Cloud, at least when they are implemented correctly. TekStream provides custom Oracle Compute implementation services that easily scale to your needs. Whether we provide you access to the virtual machine through a shared environment or build a dedicated environment for Oracle Compute within the Cloud, you can be sure that you have the bandwidth you need to work efficiently, as well as peace of mind that your data is secure.

TekStream Solutions specializes in Oracle IaaS implementations and configurations, especially those leveraging Compute technologies. Because our certified consultants have led over 250 On-Premise and Cloud and On-Premise based deployments facilitating everything from focused Line of Business (LOB) solutions to complex, multi-application enterprise operations, we are prepared for any issues that may arise during the implementation of your Oracle Compute technologies. You won’t have to waste time or money chasing solutions to common problems when you use TekStream’s services. Plus, all our projects use TekStream’s proven “QuickStream” delivery methodology, which means your virtual machine will be up and running in a fraction of the time.

Too many companies fail to get the maximum ROI out of their Oracle Compute technologies due to a lack of experience. TekStream brings that vital experience to your team. Our consultants have been architecting and implementing enterprise computing solutions based on industry best practices for an average of 12 years each, which is how we can always provide you with the best solution for your business needs.  We help you better understand the myriad of options that Oracle offers, so you choose the right one for your unique computing needs, while reducing the operational and hardware costs of running those solutions.  

TekStream also gives you context for how your new Oracle Compute software fits in the bigger picture. Many companies fail to adequately unify all the systems and run them in complementary ways. You will never run into this problem when working with our Oracle experts. TekStream can help you understand when and how to use Oracle’s Compute Cloud Services, Container Cloud Services, Network Cloud Services, and Storage Cloud Services, as well as the correct architecture and provisioning to support the workload of each.

Finally, we won’t waste time on lengthy, drawn-out implementations. TekStream helps uses your valuable time efficiently and reduces the impact of traditionally long application implementations on your key operations.  To use this, our services employ a well-defined methodology and orchestrated set of activities including:

  • QuickStreaming – We create a high-level architecture design based on your initial high-level requirements.
  • Provisioning – We initialize the Oracle IaaS environments and perform base level configurations.
  • Detailed Design – We specify the exact configurations, integrations, and connections that will be necessary to meet prioritized requirements.
  • Development – We configure and build key elements as defined in the design phase, using interactive reviews to ensure deliverables match agreed-upon designs with modifications based on a clear validation processes.
  • Testing – We complete two primary levels of testing (Systems Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing) to ensure systems are fully operational and meet the highest standards of quality and functionality.
  • Training –  We provide training to ensure you can take full advantage and ownership over your new solution, including transferring key knowledge about the operation and management of your new infrastructure and end user instruction.
  • Go Live Support – We remain available as needed to address any unforeseen issues quickly and finish onboarding of your new solution as smoothly as possible.