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Worried about what’s next for your Web Content Management System?

Times change. Maybe you’re using a homegrown solution that worked great once, but hasn’t scaled to fit your changing business. Or you’re spending too much time maintaining half a solution when you need a complete, end-to-end and fully-supported tool. Oracle WebCenter Content provides an industry-leading web content suite designed to support the most demanding enterprise. In today’s environments, organizations have multiple content management systems deployed. Most of these were purchased to support specific department needs while others are older systems that are no longer supported. Oracle WebCenter Content provides a robust content management platform that can support organizations down to the department level while providing the enterprise consistency needed to drive business at a macro level. TekStream provides strategic services to assist companies in streamlining their content management consolidation, migration, and upgrade efforts to Oracle WebCenter Content.

Typical Business Challenges
  • Contributors are unhappy with how they have to manage content – it’s too complicated, hard to remember, or they pass it off to someone in IT
  • It’s difficult to serve up content via multiple web channels (intranet, extranet, Internet and mobile)
  • Site changes get funneled through your IT staff due to weak delegated content administration capabilities
  • Your content is managed via a home-grown system that doesn’t fit your current needs and/or you have multiple systems and repositories where content is stored
  • Your original developer is the one with all the knowledge needed to support that system, but he may be on vacation
How TekStream Can Help

TekStream consultants are experts in web content management technology, and can quickly design a fully supported architecture of front-to-back interaction with your data repositories. We can develop that design and train your staff to use the feature-rich functionality to provide an easy way to safely grow and maintain the content on your various web channels without IT assistance – putting the power back in your hands and away from reliance on a shaky technician who is still not back from vacation.

Our consultants are well-versed in not only legacy Stellent and Oracle UCM 10g, but Oracle WebCenter Content. Customers wishing to upgrade their existing Content Management applications will benefit from years of successful implementations, best-practices, and a deployment methodology designed to minimize the impact to business operations while migrating functionality and content. As technology evolves, it is important to understand what functions have been replaced, updated, or sunset. TekStream provides upgrade customers with a full understanding of their options, and helps them to build a plan designed for success.

We understand that “cheap to build” (AKA custom development) often ends up being very expensive and risky to maintain. Let TekStream experts show your organization how easy it is to leverage Oracle WebCenter Content and significantly improve the web content management experience.