Migrate Information Up To 30 Times Faster With Oracle WebCenter Content Loader


Migrate Information Up To 30 Times Faster
With Oracle WebCenter Content Loader


About Oracle WebCenter Content Loader
In order to maintain a competitive advantage in today’s ever changing business arena, IT partners should constantly be striving to update and refresh technology applications. Migrating and maintaining years of content and vital information drives success, but is often a challenge to do in a timely and cost efficient manner. TekStream’s WebCenter Content Loader is a migration and mapping tool, operating at speeds in excess of 360,000 content items per hour and helping to reduce overall migration costs by 50%.

TekStream’s WebCenter Content Loader processes and migrates content up to 30  times faster than WebCenter Content’s out-of-the-box tool. In addition, Content Loader is fully customizable to support the migration of content from third-party repositories like SharePoint, FileNet, Documentum and Lotus Notes. Content Loader comes with a host of time saving features as shown in the graphic.

content loader graphic

To learn more about Oracle WebCenter Content Loader,
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Download Oracle WebCenter Content Loader Datasheet

Download the Oracle WebCenter Content Loader Datasheet to learn how your organization can cut it's migration costs in half.


QuickStream: The First Step to a Successful Oracle WebCenter Implementation


QuickStream: The First Step to a Successful Oracle WebCenter Implementation

By: Judd Robins

Have you ever started a project to quickly realize that your original scope is inadequate? Do you fully understand the resources necessary to implement your WebCenter initiative? Are your legacy applications such as Stellent, BEA, Optika, UCM, or Plumtree, costing you more than a modern application? QuickStream is our all-inclusive four to six week service engagement aligning business stakeholders and IT organizations before a project begins; the insight provided helps organization avoid the negative business outcomes of IT project failures due to unmet quality, cost, and time expectations.


QuickStream DDP


QuickStream follows a three-step process designed to efficiently and objectively gather and analyze information and deliver actionable tools to prepare organizations for successful Oracle WebCenter product implementations:

  • Step 1: Discover – gathers business and IT requirements to ensure stakeholders’ needs are represented
  • Step 2: Define – presents objective analysis of requirements and a high-level solutions design including the required hardware, software, and resource investments; allowing stakeholders to collectively determine project priorities and set realistic expectations for implementation costs, length, and solution design and functionality.
  • Step 3: Plan – provides expert recommendations and deliverables enabling stakeholders to set mutually agreed-upon cost, resource, and time expectations and implement projects achieving rapid value and high ROI.

QuickStream DDP2Actionable Deliverables:

QuickStream provides organizations with the tools and materials necessary for successful implementations, including:

  • Prioritized Requirements
  • High-level Technical Design, including Hardware/Software Architecture
  • Phase 1 Detailed Project Plan including Resource, Cost, and Time Estimate

TekStream Benefits:

QuickStream saves you the time and hassle of doing the work yourself, and gives your resources the room they need to focus on growing your business. Rest assured that TekStream offers committed and professional resources to see your project to completion and achieve excellent results. Typical results are:

  • Higher Project ROI
  • Quicker time to Production
  • Satisfied Stakeholders

The success of your project is time-sensitive. Allow TekStream to see if your project qualifies for a QuickStream analysis today by engaging in a free assessment. Complete the form below to start a no-hassle, no commitment evaluation of how TekStream is positioned to help your project succeed.

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