Seamlessly Deploy Enterprise Content within an Engaging Portal

Intranets, Extranet, Websites, Transactional, Business applications, Content — That’s right, we’re talking portal.

Portal capability has been an all-encompassing platform for many years now. However, Oracle’s WebCenter product-set now leverages the enterprise content repository of WebCenter Content (WCC) underneath the WebCenter Portal (WCP) framework.

WCP brings all the richness of a leading portal platform where virtually anything is possible, but now you’re leveraging your enterprise content, not a content silo.

This means that all your site assets can be sourced, stored, secured, and managed consistently within the enterprise collection. WCC offers many rich features to the WCP platform.

For example WCC allows content workflows to be leveraged as the approval tool within WCP content change processes, while also applying such additional features as content release management and records retention dynamically to this same content.

Digital asset management allows image and video assets to be contributed, either directly into WCC or via WCP, and then with the automated creation of scaled renditions, these same assets can be deployed with appropriate aspect to WCP driven Intranet, mobile sites, and websites alike.

Content is enriched through in-context editing within WCP, with the content stored and managed within the WCC collection. In addition, content can be created and edited through common tools (e.g. Microsoft Word), checked in to WCC, and then deployed dynamically within the WCP site as HTML with a printable PDF.

It is this rich integration with WCC that sets WCP apart from the competition. Engage your audience with a site built on the market-leading WebCenter Portal platform, while leveraging all the power of enterprise content management with WebCenter Content under the hood.