TekStream offers Oracle WebCenter Solutions

TekStream Engineered Solutions

Providing engineered solutions that maximize your on-site investments while freeing your resources to the cloud

TekStream is proud to present solutions engineered to bring true value to our customers.  Many organizations offer portions of an enterprise platform, but not all aspects rolled into one easily deployed package.  By combining Services, Software, Support, Hosting, and Training into solutions designed to meet real business needs, TekStream is proud to introduce TekStream Engineered Solutions for Business.

TekStream’s Engineered Solutions take full advantage of traditional on-premise Oracle technologies as well as Oracle’s newest cloud technologies.  TekStream brings years of experience designing and implementing Business Solutions for organizations across all industries.  That experience is the foundation of our Business Solutions, Training Solutions, and Service Solutions.

Business Solutions

TekStream’s Engineered Solutions for Business drive efficiency through the deployment of groundbreaking technologies leveraging Oracle’s industry-leading software and proven methodologies and processes deployed and tested at some of the largest and most successful companies. From on-premise to the cloud and everything in between, organizations can leverage TekStream’s Business Solutions, including our newest Process Lifecycle Suite, to:

  • Streamline business processes
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Address departmental needs while facilitating the scope of the enterprise
  • Design, Test, and Implement strategic initiatives quicker and more efficiently

Training Solutions

TekStream’s Training Solutions provides both in-person and virtual training designed to empower your administrators, developers, and users on the Power of Oracle’s WebCenter and Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS) technologies. Training classes include:

  • Structured and Custom course curriculums
  • Administration, Developer, and End-user training for:
    • Oracle WebCenter Content
    • Oracle WebCenter Portal
    • Oracle WebCenter Imaging
    • Oracle Process Cloud Services
    • Oracle Documents Cloud Services
    • Oracle Sites Cloud Services

Services Solutions

With over 15 years of experience across each of our certified implementation service personnel, TekStream offers the most robust Service offerings to meet your deployment needs. In addition to standard installation, development, and deployment services, TekStream offers detailed and focused solutions to help companies strategically align their business needs to ensure success.

QuickStream Solutions

QuickStream is our all-inclusive four to six-week service engagement aligning business stakeholders and IT organizations before a project begins; the insight provided helps organizations avoid the negative business outcomes of IT project failures due to unmet quality, cost, and time expectations. QuickStream follows a three-step process designed to efficiently and objectively gather and analyze information and deliver actionable tools to prepare organizations for successful Oracle WebCenter product implementations:

  • Step 1: Discover – gathers business and IT requirements to ensure stakeholders’ needs are represented
  • Step 2: Define – presents objective analyses of requirements and a high-level solutions design including the required hardware, software, and resource investments; allowing stakeholders to collectively determine project priorities and set realistic expectations for implementation costs, length, and solution design and functionality.
  • Step 3: Plan – provides expert recommendations and deliverables enabling stakeholders to set mutually agreed-upon cost, resource, and time expectations and implement projects achieving rapid value and high ROI.

QuickStart Solutions

QuickStart Solutions offer companies looking to take full advantage of Oracle’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings. TekStream’s QuickStart is designed to help companies get up and running and achieve true value out of their Oracle PaaS investments in just four short weeks.  Quick interactions of Analysis, Design, Build, and Test allow our customers to experience the power of the cloud while providing point solutions that work.

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