TekStream Wins Prestigious Splunk Partner of the Year 2021 Awards

By: Karl Cepull | Senior Director, Operational Intelligence


Splunk recently announced their partner awards for 2021, and TekStream took home not one, but two, significant Splunk partner awards:

  • 2021 Professional Services Partner of the Year – AMERICAS Region
  • 2021 Global Services Partner of the Year

These awards are given to recognize top partner excellence in post-sale and professional services implementations and commitment to technical excellence, certifications, and customer satisfaction. To be singled out for these awards, from among more than 2,000 Splunk partners worldwide, is an incredible achievement.

So, what does that mean?

It reflects TekStream’s commitment to do what is right for the customer. Period. We are hyper-focused on making customers happy, whether those are our own “direct” customers or those that we have the honor of helping on behalf of Splunk through our partnership.

Our commitment starts long before the project starts. Often, our sales team will engage with Splunk’s account team to do “co-selling.” This is where both teams engage cooperatively during the sales process to ensure the account fully understands our recommendations and the benefits of a Splunk/TekStream solution. Together we provide technical demos, answer questions, and craft the Statement of Work (SOW) for the project.

“I always enjoy having TekStream on my projects. I know I can trust their consultants to be professional and take great care of Splunk customers. I have had several TekStream consultants on very difficult projects. Each time they come out the other side with flying colors. Thank you TekStream and congratulations on 2021 Global Services Partner of the Year and 2021 AMER Professional Services Partner of the Year,” said Doug Searcy, Senior Professional Services Engagement Manager at Splunk.

We have built a reputation for being very “creative” in how we can structure deals – providing options to the customer that may not otherwise be available to them. Some of these options include flexibility on resource availability and timelines, access to non-Splunk resources (such as AWS engineers), and even financing options.

Of course, there’s the execution of the project itself. TekStream is able to assign a strong bench of resources, all of whom are Splunk Core Certified Consultants, which represents months of training and multiple other certifications. Additionally, all of our consultants spend time “manning the help desk” before they go out into the field. This gives them a unique opportunity to practice what they’ve learned in class. We call this “getting their street smarts to go along with their book smarts”. That way their first project isn’t the first time they’ve worked with Splunk or a customer; it could be their hundredth!

While on a Splunk project, our team members are never alone, even though they may be the only one on the project. Our Splunk consultants are highly collaborative and are constantly chatting with one another, asking questions and seeking and offering guidance, all to ensure that the solutions we provide are top-notch. We like to say that “when you hire one of us, you get all of us.”

All team members also have access to senior resources, whether that be in Splunk Enterprise, or any number of premium applications, such as Enterprise Security, IT Service Intelligence, Phantom, User Behavior Analytics, SIEM Replacements, CMMC, or Splunk Observability Suite.

Finally, TekStream stands behind our people and is committed to their success. If we discover that there may be a mismatch between the needs of a project and the skills of a consultant, we will quickly work to get them the assistance that they need, whether that is another resource providing free oversight, or swapping out the resource for a better fit. With TekStream, you are assured success in your Splunk projects.

“It’s a great accomplishment that not only highlights the commitment to delivery excellence but also TekStream’s investment into the Global PS practice which has translated in expanding to other PS programs such as ODS. Your team provides excellent leadership and support for our AMER PS practice while always demonstrating the willingness to lean in on our new product enablement and learning side by side with our top internal technical talent to provide positive customer experiences leading to adoption,” said Clint Locker, Director, Professional Services, South at Splunk.

We are honored and delighted to be recognized by Splunk with these two prestigious awards! We look forward to our continued mutual success in serving our clients.

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