AP Automation

Bring Your AP Automation into the 21st Century with Inspyrus, Implemented by TekStream

Have you embraced digital tools throughout your business, yet struggled to modernize your invoicing? AP automation remains a vexing issue for many organizations. Over half of all invoices are still printed on paper or emailed in formats that cannot be easily uploaded to AP automation systems, and most legacy invoice automation and imaging solutions automate only about 20% of key AP tasks. As a result, while other areas of their operations have long since been automated, organizations are stuck dealing with paper invoices, paper checks, lengthy approval cycles, manual data entry, and all the errors that can occur along the way.

The Inspyrus AP automation solution offers a total AP process automation that automates up to 90% of your AP operations, eliminating paper and manual data entry. Inspyrus integrates in real-time with your existing ERP systems, giving you end-to-end visibility into all of them from a single application. The benefits of AP automation with Inspyrus include:

  • A single, centralized solution; no more toggling back and forth between different ERP systems.
  • Eliminate paperwork and speed up processing; invoices can be emailed to you and placed into the workflow quickly.
  • Powerful monitoring and easy access to frequently used reports and critical information.
  • Automated PO matching, even when dealing with complex 2-way and 3-way determinations.
  • A smooth, structured, and consistent approval hierarchy with routing rules, approval limits, and detailed audit trails throughout each invoice’s processing lifecycle.

TekStream implements custom Inspyrus solutions for your business that address your specific challenges, maximize your ROI, and minimize your involvement in the process. Our expert consultants have years of experience implementing both on-prem and cloud-based Inspyrus solutions. TekStream will ensure that you obtain the correct licensing option for your needs, that all of your ERPs are properly integrated with Inspyrus, and that your staff are trained on how to make the most out of your new software.