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ORA-00955 deals with violations of naming conventions and guidelines within Oracle. While it has one of the most straightforward and easy fixes of all Oracle errors, it is very important to follow naming rules in order to avoid being road blocked by an error when running your code.

A naming rule that is relevant to the error at hand insists database objects must have unique names. Otherwise, you will likely run into ORA-00955.                             

The Problem

When you encounter this error, the error message will read:

ORA-00955: name is already used by an existing object

As the message suggests, you are trying to create a table, view, index, synonym or other object that has a name that is already in use. As previously stated, database objects must have unique identifying names.

 The Solution

To resolve the error, simply rename the object that you are trying to create so that the name is unique. You can also drop the already existing object so that its name can be used for the current object.

You may choose option two in cases where the object at hand is more accurately represented by the name or if a mistake has been made in regards to the name of the previously created object. To do this, write a SELECT * statement to locate the object, as is detailed in the following query syntax:


FROM all_objects

WHERE object_name = ‘NAME’;

(Replace NAME with the object that you are trying to locate. For example, ‘EMPLOYEES’ or ‘DISTRIBUTOR’. Make sure this is written in all uppercase letters.)

Looking Forward

In order to avoid error ORA-00955 and other errors tied to naming conventions within Oracle, make yourself familiar with the naming conventions outlined by Oracle. Knowing and understanding these naming conventions will allow you to code without errors. In addition, developing your own system of naming conventions, especially if other users will be viewing the same database, is a good practice that all programmers should follow to enable efficient, smart coding.

For more information on naming conventions, read Oracle’s official documentation on naming. Blog posts about naming can also provide further insight.

If you continue to experience ORA-00955, consider contacting your database administrator or a licensed Oracle consultant to help you resolve this issue. Before selecting an Oracle consultant, be sure they have the proper credentials and certifications to meet your Oracle needs. ORA-00955 should be an easy fix, but if you continue experiencing this error, you may have a problem somewhere else in the code.