invoice processing

Overview of Inspyrus Supplier Central

invoice processing

Overview of Inspyrus Supplier Central

By: Mariano Romano | Senior Developer

Inspyrus Supplier Central is a fresh new look for your suppliers to view their invoices, payments, and dynamic discounting capabilities.  Supplier Central provides the following features:

  • Up to 90% reduction in supplier inquiries and other support requirements
    • By using Supplier Central, the supplier can log in and see the status of their invoices with ease
  • Accelerate invoice submissions and related processing by over 5x
    • By allow suppliers submit invoice through the Supplier Central Portal, you give the supplier the power to submit invoices quickly and easily
  • Allows suppliers to easily modify their address and banking information
    • This minimizes the need to make a phone call or send an email

The easy to use interface not only lets suppliers manage one of their customers but multiple customers that are using the Inspyrus platform.

Inspyrus blog - creatubg invoices

Creating invoices

Your supplier will have three different options when creating an invoice.  These options give the supplier flexibility to create error-free invoices using the easy to use interface.

Create Invoice

  • Allows the supplier to create a blank invoice that will need to be populated

Create PO Invoice

  • Allows the supplier to create an invoice with line items filled in based on a select PO

Blog - create po invoice

Flip PO into Invoice

  • Allows the supplier to create a blank invoice but then populate the invoice lines using a PO.

Inspyrus blog - flip PO into invoice

Viewing Payments

Suppliers can also log in and view which invoice has been paid.  This minimizes the amount questions you would be required to answer.

Inspyrus blog - vieweing payments

Viewing Purchase Orders

This page shows all the usable purchase orders per vendor site.  If the purchase order is available, it means that there is one or more purchase order line with an open balance.  This gives the supplier an easy way to create invoices based on a purchase order.

Inpyrus blog - viewing purchase orders

Dynamic Discounting

This page allows your supplier to manage their dynamic discounting settings.  Dynamic discounting allows suppliers to provide discounts in exchange for getting paid early.  Dynamic Discounting provides:

  • Increased early-pay discounts by providing easy to see discounts on invoices
  • Elimination of missed discounts
  • Increase supplier adoption
  • Ability to automatically recognize and apply pre-existing discount terms

Typically, the terms of the agreement are usually determined in advance and managed in this section.

Inspyrus blog - Dynamic Discounting


Provide your supplier with the tools to view and create invoices, review payments, and setup dynamic discounting.  If you are interested in seeing a demo of Supplier Central or the Inspyrus Next Generation AP Automation system, please see more on or contact us by filling out the form below: